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Albion, Azzurri and Maccabi Divisional Champions, Hearts and Yan Po Promoted Sunday 30th April 2017

The league season came to a close yesterday with Albion, Azzurri and Maccabi all crowned champions. Colloids were relegated along with Knights to division two and replacing them, along with Azzurri, are Boca and Hearts and kudos to the Jam Tarts for playing to their optimum when some around them appear to be suffering from bouts of vertigo. CSOB joined Grasshoppers in the drop to the third tier and Maccabi and Antonhill are promoted to division two with FOB and OBA dropping to the fourth tier. As members were informed earlier in the season third placed team(s) in divisions three and division four may be promoted and this will be dependent on any new teams join the league. Looking forward with trepidation to next season is GAS top scorer, Chris Ingham, who was substituted and then usurped by the evergreen Dino Zavagno who came up with a 10-minute-man-of-the-match-cameo (think Marlon Brando in Superman...) in the inside-right position. KCC and the league bid adieu to old Etonian, "Welshman", midfield dynamo and all round good chap Lord Ben Thomas who signed off his YYL account with his first goal since Primary 2 in a 3-1 win for the Dragons over cup finalists Colts.

1st Division:-
KCC Knights (0) vs (5) German All Stars
Colloids FC (0) vs (7) Club Albion - result late-in
Club Wanderers (8) vs (0) Baker Tilly Spartans
French Kiss (4) vs (3) Squadron FC
Club Colts (1) vs (3) KCC Dragons

2nd Division:-
White Youth FC (0) vs (3) Carnegies Boca Seniors
IES (1) vs (3) Azzurri
WYFC06 (1) vs (1) ANP
G. G. F. C. (3) vs (3) Dynamo
CS Old Boys (1) vs (2) Hearts FC
Grasshoppers (0) vs (1) HKU70's

3rd Division:-
University (0) vs (3) Power 22
Darts (2) vs (0) Yan Po
Outward Bound (3) vs (10) HKSS
HOB (2) vs (1) Goal Visio
Scorpions (2) vs (3) Antonhill

4th Division:-
Gurkha Int'l FC (3) vs (1) Green Cypress FC
CAPS (2) vs (1) Skyline
Bapcoll (0) vs (3) Standard Chartered
Rising Sun (4) vs (0) Hung Art
Bank of China (2) vs (2) WYFC84

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Apr 30, 17



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