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  Chairman's Corner
Chairman's note for 2008-2009 season AGM
Chairman's note for 2007-2008 season AGM
Chairman's note for 2006 AGM
Chairman's note for 2007-2008 season AGM Friday 24th August 2007

The notice for the AGM has now been posted on the League's web site and sent around to all member teams by email by divisional reps. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th August 2007 at HKFC at 7pm. I would welcome all teams to send more than one representative to the meeting (although only one member may vote) as after the formal meeting, drinks and snacks will be available and it represents an excellent opportunity for teams/representatives to socialize with each other prior to the start of the new season. I would like to just remind all members of the procedures and agenda at the AGM:

1 Previous AGM minutes â the minutes from last year's AGM are posted on the website and are enclosed with this note.

2 Matters Arising â any items of note from 2006 minutes.

3 Chairman's Report â This will be for last season and the coming 07-08 season and will include league, cup, 6s, pitches, referees, discipline, website and sponsorship.

4 Treasurer's Report â Presented by the Treasurer. Accounts for last year and our budget for 07-08. A copy of the P&L and balance sheet are posted on the website and are enclosed with this note.

5 Election of Officers â There have been no nominations from members for executive committee (exco) positions and all incumbent exco members are re-standing. The exco for next season will, therefore, be as follows:

Chairman Michael Johnson (re-standing)
Vice Chairman Edwin Lim (re-standing)
Secretary Wilson Hon (re-standing)
Treasurer Simon Lam (re-standing)
Asst. Secretary Mike Ashton (re-standing)
1st Division Michael Wong (re-standing)
2nd Division Stuart Tunbridge (re-standing previously 3rd Div Rep).
3rd Division & Website Michael Yen (re-standing previously Website)
4th Division John Carol (re-standing)
General Reps
Jon McKinley (previously 2nd Div Rep)
Kwok Ka Ming (re-standing)
Nick Oates (re-standing)
Jon Southgate (re-standing)
Tom Vincent (re-standing)

6 Rule Changes â There are some minor rule changes to FIFA rules which will be presented by HKFRA representatives at the AGM. There are also several proposed changes (including a proposal by AIA Corinthians) to the YYL rules and these are enclosed with this note. Members are reminded that any changes to league rules will be the subject of a vote and require a 75% majority in favour of the changes.

7 New teams â One application was received by the league before the deadline from Crusaders FC, who were subsequently interviewed by exco and were looked upon as a team who could make a valued member of the league. Crusaders FC have confirmed they can provide a pitch for all of their games for a period of 3 years and exco therefore are recommending to members that they become a member of the league. Crusaders FC will present themselves to the league at the AGM. Acceptance of new teams will be the subject of a vote and requires a 50% majority in favour of the team.

8 Any Other Business â There has been no receipt of additional motions to be included at the AGM under AOB, however, teams will be able to raise issues they would like to discuss but should remember these issues are not motions and will not be the subject of any vote or change to the rules.



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