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  Disciplinary Sub Committee Corner
Manual Change of Team Sheet (Rule #34)
Fielding of Ineligible Player â Hoo Cheung
Fielding of Ineligible Player â Hoo Cheung Friday 28th November 2008

Fielding of Ineligible Player â Hoo Cheung

Hoo Cheung have reported to the Yau Yee League that one of their players has been registered with the HKFA since the start of the season, and has played in four League matches and the first round of the Yau Yee Cup. The DSC has looked at this case and having checked with the HKFA and Yau Yee websites has found that Hoo Cheung are in breach of Rule 22 of the League Rules.

According to Disciplinary Guideline 2, the penalty for fielding an unregistered player in a League match is a fine of $500 and three goals and three points deducted for every match in which the player was fielded. For fielding an ineligible player in the Cup, the penalty is to be deemed to have lost the match 3-0.

With this in mind, the penalties against Hoo Cheung for fielding Wong Man Lap in four League and one Cup matches when he was ineligible are as follows -

ï A $1,000 fine (see below)
ï 12 goals deducted
ï 12 points deducted
ï Deemed to have lost the First Round Cup match against Darts 3-0 - Darts will advance to the Second Round in place of Hoo Cheung.

The DSC noted that Hoo Cheung had shown a high degree of sportsmanship by taking the initiative to report this case itself. Nonetheless, the DSC felt bound to follow precedent cases and to impose consistent penalties in terms of points deducted and expulsion from the Cup competition.

However, given Hoo Cheungâs initiative in coming forward and reporting this case, the DSC agreed that a 50% reduction should be allowed in the standard fine, and that this should be a precedent to encourage other teams who find that they have registered ineligible players to come forward in similar fashion.



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