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Notes & Agenda for YYL AGM 2010 Thursday 29th July 2010

The notice for the AGM has now been posted on the League website and sent to all member teams by email by divisional reps. The meeting will be held on Sunday 1st August 2010 (this coming Sunday) at Kingâs Park at 3pm and prior to this we will be having some friendly games between the team reps who wish to participate - your div reps will have contacted you separately regarding this and ko is scheduled for 1:30pm. We would welcome all teams to send more than one representative to the meeting (although only one member may vote) as it represents an excellent opportunity for teams/representatives to socialize with each other prior to the start of the new season and there will be snacks and drinks available after the meeting. We would like to just remind all members of the procedures and agenda at the AGM:

1 Previous AGM minutes â the minutes from last year's AGM will be posted on the website and circulated prior to the meeting.

2 Matters Arising â from 2009 minutes.

3 Chairman's Report â This will include the previous and coming 2010-11 season and will cover league, cup, 6s, pitches, referees, discipline, website and sponsorship.

4 Treasurer's Report â Audited accounts for last year will be presented by the Treasurer. A copy of the balance sheet will be published on the website and distributed in due course. Keith Goodman (Corinthians), a Chartered accountant has audited the accounts this year and it is proposed that Keith will be the auditor for 2010-2011.

5 Election of Officers â All incumbent exco members are re-standing and a co-opted exco member from last season is re-standing and, as no position is being contested, the exco for next season will, therefore, be as follows:

Chairman - Michael Johnson (re-standing)
Vice Chairman & DSC Chairman - Edwin Lim (re-standing)
Secretary & DSC - Wilson Hon (re-standing)
Treasurer - Simon Lam (re-standing)
Asst. Secretary & DSC - Mike Ashton (re-standing)
1st Division Rep - Jon Southgate (re-standing, previously 2nd Division Rep)
2nd Division Rep - Michael Wong (re-standing, previously 1st Division Rep)
3rd Division Rep & DSC - Jon McKinley (re-standing and previously 4th Division Rep)
4th Division Rep & Website - Michael Yen (re-standing and previously 3rd Division Rep)
Gen Rep - Tom Vincent (re-standing)
Gen Rep - Laurence Rudge (co-opted by exco during 2009-10 season)

6 Rule Changes â The following changes to YYL rules are proposed (changes to rules 11 and 22 proposed by exco and change to rule 32 proposed by HKDC Hearts) and will require a 75% majority to be passed:

11. If a match is abandoned for any reason both teams must e-mail a report to the Divisional Representative, AO and Secretary within 24 hours following the scheduled kick off. The remaining time of any abandoned games will normally be replayed at a later date with the score-line at the time of the abandonment carrying forward to the replay. For example, if a Division 1 game was abandoned in the 70th minute with the score at 1-1, the game would be replayed for a duration of 10 minutes with the score starting at 1-1. The match shall restart with a kick-off from the centre spot; the team that kicks off shall be decided by the toss of a coin, unless the match was abandoned at half time, in which case the team that was due to kick off the second half shall kick off. If available, the same 11 players who were on the pitch at the time the game was abandoned should start the re-arranged fixture. Depending on the cause of the abandonment, disciplinary action may be taken including the payment of all costs by any offending team and possibly the suspension of a team or teams from the League.

22. Players registered with Hong Kong Football Association ("HKFA") or any overseas professional league are not eligible to play in the League until after they de-register from the relevant league. This rule does not apply to youth players or to players registered to play in HKFA leagues other than the First, Second, Third or Reserve Divisions of the HKFA. The League recommends that where teams are in doubt as to whether players may fall into this category, teams should seek the advice of Exco on the eligibility of individual players to play in the League.

32. In an 11-a-side match up to 5 substitutes can be used and substituted players may return to the match. The referee must be informed of all substitutions. In the 6-a-side tournament, unlimited substitutes can be used and substituted players may return to the match under the "roll-on, roll-off" system."

7 One application has been received to join the league and as has been discussed at previous AGMs, it is considered that 50 teams is currently our optimum number. This, and subsequent applications to join the league will be placed on file and reviewed at an appropriate time.

8 Any Other Business â

a. Hearts would like to raise the issue of increasing the duration of games to 40 minute halves for all second division games.

b. There has been no receipt of additional motions to be included at the AGM under AOB, however, teams will be able to raise issues they would like to discuss and should remember these issues are not motions and will not be the subject of any vote or change to the rules.



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