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  Disciplinary Sub Committee Corner
Three separate red card incidents with lengthy ban
Red Card Report
Team representative entering the pitch during a game
Six matches ban
Team representative entering the pitch during a game Wednesday 12th October 2011

Team representative entering the pitch during a game

A recent incident happened on Oct 2 has been drawn to the attention of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) in a referee's report. In the match in question, a team representative entered the pitch during the game without any authorisation from the referees or referee's assistants. The team rep provoked the opposition, causing an argument between the two teams that took several minutes to resolve.

Although the referee did not issue a red card or take any further action during the game itself, the DSC has issued a warning letter to the team and the individual in question to emphasise that the DSC takes a dim view of this incident. The warning letter stated that such action from the team rep was unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Furthermore, the letter stated that if there is any repeat of this incident, the DSC reserves the right to take any action within its powers against the team or individual in question.



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