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  Disciplinary Sub Committee Corner
Three separate red card incidents with lengthy ban
Red Card Report
Team representative entering the pitch during a game
Six matches ban
Red Card Report Tuesday 8th November 2011

Following a spate of red cards on 30 October 2011 and the subsequent failure of certain team reps to submit red card reports adequately - either at all or in sufficient detail - we would like to emphasise yet again to the importance of submitting accurate red card reports to the Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC). Together with the referee's report, the red card reports from both teams enable the DSC to decide on the appropriate punishment for the relevant offence.

When submitting the reports - either in relation to one of your own players or an opponent - please remember to include the following details:
1. The full registered name of the player sent off for the team whom the player plays for
2. His shirt number and
3. A description of the incident or incidents that led to the dismissal.

A statement that it was "two yellow card offences" or asked DSC to be in contact for details is not sufficient to enable the DSC to carry out its task of reviewing the incident and imposing an appropriate punishment.
Please refer to Disciplinary Guideline 3 for the requirement to submit a detailed red card report within 48 hours of the incident and the fine that will be imposed for failure to comply."




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