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The Weez Project Friendship Cup 2018 Monday 16th July 2018

We are exteremly happy to announce that this year we will be supporting a couple of local charities here in Hong Kong :
The Weez Project and KELY SUPPORT GROUP.
This years event will be called
The Weez Project Friendship Cup 2018.
As always all profits from the event will go to these charities.

Here is some information about them.
The Weez Project and KELY Support Group thank the Yau Yee League for your generous support and we are looking forward to the YYL-9âs at the end of August. Your support will help improve youth mental well-being and the prevention of suicide, self-harm and addictive behaviours in young people. One in ten young people has a diagnosable mental health problem. We want to help teens know more about mental illness so they are better equipped to help themselves and their friends in the face of a mental health challenge.

We will do this though practical education and awareness. Supported by the Weez Project, KELY Support Group and Mind HK have set up the Cool Minds initiative which aims to :

- teach youth to recognise emotions and work with these feeling

- give teachers, parents, and students access to high quality mental health information and help online and via their school

- train parents, teachers, and educators to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in young people and on ways to give them help

Your funding will contribute to programmes that will:

Train teachers and school staff in how to approach pupil mental health

Provide teachers with bitesize mental health materials for use in class

Train parents in youth mental health literacy

Train secondary school students in mental health literacy

As in previous years all teams will recieve lunch for all their players on the day and beers for each team.
With HKFA referees taking charge of every match and medics on site.
Please find attached a factsheet for the event including costings and an entry form.
If your team is interested please return this to us. There will be an opening ceremony again on the night before the event the 25th of August and hopefully this year we wont get two typhoons in the same week of the event (what are the odds).

This really is for a great cause and it would be great if we can get 15 teams involved.

Really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

YYL Exco

Application Form



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