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league calendar and Covid-19 protocol Tuesday 6th October 2020

Calendar and Games
The league calendar is on the website and teams have received the spreadsheet with all league games and dates, please note these are indicative and the playing schedule on the website must be followed. The season will begin with league round 4 on Sunday 11 October.

Protocol at King's Park
Due to the COVID-19, a fixed type temperature sensor is placed at the guard station of the entrance of KP. A security guard/KP ground staff will check the body temperature for all pitch users when they enter KP. Staff will also use hand-held temperature sensor for those who drive to KP.

- Masks must be worn at all times unless playing/training on the pitch
- Maximum 22 players on the pitch at any time for both league games AND training. (Maximum of 11 for each training half-pitch)
- Maximum groups of 4 (including substitutes) off the pitch and must wear masks.
- Showers can be used and 1.5m social distancing must be maintained.

Reporting of COVID-19 cases
We expect all members to take a common sense approach during this time: please report any cases of COVID-19 which could affect other teams to YYL ExCo and refrain from playing if you are feeling unwell. Any individuals information will be treated as confidential.

Changes to Laws of the Game
Changes to the Laws of the Game for 2020-21 will be circulated to team reps separately.



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