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Note to Teams in the Cup Competitions
Final Round of League Matches - Sunday 3rd July, 2022 Friday 24th June 2022

Please note that, as in previous seasons, for the final round of league matches we will try to organize matches involving teams from the same division with a chance of promotion or relegation to be played at the same time. This will help maximize interest and ensure a level playing field for the teams concerned. Depending on league positions after the penultimate round this could require the moving of fixtures to different pitches, changes to kick-off times and the relinquishing of home pitches. We would aim to ensure that any movement of fixtures involving promotion or relegation would have a minimal effect on the schedules for other matches and we will notify the teams concerned of any changes as soon as possible.

For the avoidance of doubt, if two or more teams are on the same points at the end of the season, the league place(s) will be decided by the following and in this order:

Goal Difference
Most Goals Scored
Head to Head
Play Off Game With Extra Time (10 minutes each way) And Penalties If Required

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