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George hinneh Any division one 2018-08-13

I looking for any division one to play .i have played previous teams like 816 and squadron . my name is George hinneh and my whatsapp is 54247434

Benjamin Greenstein 2018-08-12

Age: 15 (in december)
Right Footed
Positions: Versatile all over Midfield
Weakness: Physicality.
Strength: Speed and Technical abilities (passing, touch, shooting, crossing).
I play football 5 times a week.

Aman khosa Gurkha international football club 2018-08-12

Hii ...i have played social football ..lookin to join competitive side..average player with gud attendence and serious football

Eric 2018-08-04

age 29
LB or CM

young professional very excited to play competitive soccer

Steven 2018-08-01

Age: 23
Position(in order of preference): LB, LM, CM
Preferred foot: Left
Strength: Crossing, Passing, Technical
Weakness: physical

Self-introduction: university student studying in hong kong, available any time during semesters.

Aidan Glasgow Rangers 2018-07-30

Previous pro-youth and university/amateur experienced player.
21 Years Old
Right Footed
Versatile and creative player - up front and all across the midfield.
Fitness: will not have had a pre-season. I do keep fit and will reach match fitness quickly.

Tim Maccabi HK 2018-07-30

Maccabi HK are looking for players for the upcoming season. We are currently in Division 2. Please get in contact if you wish to try out, we train on Wednesday evenings

Ben 2018-07-20

Greetings! I’m a 42 y.o. Canadian expat just about to move to Hong Kong this August; I’m looking for a club for my weekly football fix and beers after games. Box-to-box central midfielder but can also play on the wings or as wingback.

Looking forward to your reply!



Nick Hoi King U18 2018-07-18

Age: 17
Positions: Left/Right Wing, Centre Midfield
Strengths: Technical ability, passing, dribbling
Weaknesses: Physicality, strength

Played for Hoi King in the U18 league last season, trained with the first team in Division 1.
Looking for a team that I can play friendlies for over the summer.

Davis 2018-07-17

Age: 28
Height: 182cm
Position: attacking mid/striker

Played my whole life and competitive futsal for the past 8 years. Looking to join a competitive and fun team.

Ben AFC Hearts 2018-07-15

AFC Hearts are looking for new players across all positions for Div 2 next year. Our most recent season in Div 1 wasn’t the most successful on record, but we are a team who enjoys a good social event and post match beers. If you’re up for joining a strong social team, where you’ll get minutes and have a laugh whilst doing so drop me a what’s app on +85296338659 and we’ll get you along to a training session

Philip 2018-07-09

midfielder; played competitively in high school and college in the United States. Looking for a team to join. Happy to attend training/sessions to test fit with team/ coach.

Brent Sanson no team 2018-07-08

Keen to join a competitive league and make some mates. I can play anywhere on the pitch but prefer attacking. Been playing football my whole life. cheers

Amaury de Rivaz CAFC 2018-07-06

Age: 31
Height: 188cm
Position: Center Back / Right Back
Nationality: French/Swiss
Currently playing indoor 5-a-side football in PowerSoccer division 1, looking to play outdoor 7- or 11-a-side.

Nassim Amara 2018-07-04

28 yo French player, arrived in HK for work last October, searching for an 11 aside team.

Played at club, varsity and social level for over 15 years, living in Sheung Wan.

Can play attacking midfield, on the sides, or defensive midfield. Can also help out in the back.

Happy to try out! Email me!

Brandon Miranda 2018-07-03

Age: 22
Height: 174cm
Position(s): CDM, CB, RWB
Nationality: South African

Arrived in Hong Kong two months ago and have been playing in a relaxed league to acclimatize. Looking to play competitive football on a weekly basis. Been playing since the age of 6, guaranteed to put in a shift. Thank you.

Tariq hassan Delia 2018-06-27

Looking for a team to get fit in and I’m still 17 .

George hinneh any first division or second division team hinnehgeorge@ 2018-06-17

Im looking for club team to play this season, i played 816and squadron for the past 4years ago. So any clubteam can email me or whatsapp. 54247434

Byron Grealy 2018-05-17

Age: 24
Height: 180cm
Position: Central Midfield (box to box)
Nationality: South African

Looking for a competitive team and to meet new people. Will put in the work. Currently playing in a relaxed league. Thanks

Edgar de Bruin 2018-05-13

Age: 29
Height: 198cm
Position: CB but not picky
Nationality: Netherlands

Looking for a team which competes seriously but goes for a few beers afterwards too. Played in Singapore for the past few years. WhatsApp +85260660194

Phil Hwang 2018-05-02

Age: 23
Height: 170cm
Nationality: Korea
Position: Center Forward, Offensive Midfielder
Foot: Both

I am looking for a team and want to play in a league. I played in amateur league in Beijing for 4 years and was a captain on my senior year of university. Hope to contact me anytime.

I can be reached by whatsapp: +852 5501 8656


Anthony 2018-04-13

6ft2 Centre Back / Centre Mid from Australia. Looking for a competitive team at a decent level.

Max Ball 2018-03-22

Age: 24
Height: 185cm
Position: Left or right defence, left or right wing
Foot: Right

I'm looking for a fairly competitive team that ideally trains after 8pm. I've played amateur level in England and for my university college team. I'd appreciate any interest. Thank you.

Manuel Crespo 2018-03-16

Age: 28
Height: 180 cm
Nationality: Spanish
Position: Central Midfield, Attacking Midfield

I work in professional football team in Hk as coach and I'm looking for a team, i played football all my life in spain, and i also have Fifa Pro coach license (so i can help to provide good trainnings if you are interested).
My preferably trainning days should be Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Tim Maccabi 2018-03-05

Maccabi HK are looking for players for the upcoming season. We are currently in Division 2. Please get in contact if you wish to try out

kevin 2018-03-05

hi there,

I usually plays keeper back in Singapore and my second choice is as CB. am keen to start playing social football in HK. do let me know if there is a pretty strong team that needs a fairly good keeper.

I am reachable by watsapp +65 93827070.


Jose Lorenzo 2018-03-02

Age: 29
Height: 180 cm
Position: Central Midfield, Central Defender
Strengths: Physicality, Tackling, Reading the game
Weaknesses: Speed

I am looking for a team to play for. Played in amateur leagues in the US.

Jose Lorenzo jose.a.lorenzo 2018-03-02


I moved to HK a month ago. I will be staying here for 1.5 years. I am 29 y/o and play defensive midfield or center back. I am looking for a team to play on. I have been playing football since I was 15 and have play in amateur leagues in the US.

Jericarl Guo 2018-02-26

Age: 17
Height: 165 cm
Position: preferably Forward or CAM

Hi, I am currently seeking to join a team. I have played casual football i.e. pick-up games in the past, but am now looking to step into another level of play. Unfortunately, I have not been officially enrolled in a club. Despite this, I wish to improve my football skill and IQ, and ultimately aspire to grow as a long-term player of the game.

Garth Dharmawan 2018-02-25

Hi, I'm originally from the UK, and recently moved from Shanghai, having played the last 3 years for the Anzacs in the Amateur league.

Looking to find a new team in HK, to play competitively and train. Can play anywhere across the back 4/5, but mainly used at centre half. Thanks, Garth

Jim Ong 2018-02-07

I have just moved here a month ago and am looking for a competitive team to play with regularly. I have been regularly playing in amateur football leagues before I came here and have also played for my business school team in uni in U.K. I generally play striker, left/right wing or attacking midfielder. Cheers.

Salako Adekunbi Hassan 2018-02-05

I am searching for a team I can play with. I'm a 22 years old Nigerian that has been in HK for 5 years now and occasionally play casual football with a local team on hard surface playground.. I can play any position in the midfield area or even as a center back. I want to learn to play football more tactically. Thank you

Nick Yeung 2018-02-01

Age: 17
Height: 172 cm
Position: Central Midfield, Attacking Midfield
Strengths: Passing, Technique
Weaknesses: Physicality, Tackling

I am looking for a team to play for. I currently play for Hoi King Sports Association's U18 team and I train with their first team in Division 1 of HKFA, and I am looking to play more games to improve my football IQ. Preferably a team that trains on Wednesdays/Mondays.

Mitchell Lau 2018-01-17

I am currently interested in looking for a team to play for. I am a 16-year-old, currently playing for Wah Yan College Kowloon’s A Grade Football Team. I was also formerly a player for Kowloon City’s U14 Squad. I am capable of playing across the midfield, attack and right back.
I would be delighted If I could join a team in the league to further my development in football. Thank You for your kind attention

Calvin Hau Whichever team comes? 2018-01-08

Hi guys,

I'm currently back in Hong Kong for now, and am seeking to possibly join a team. I can play attacking midfield, winger and striker. Played high school football/soccer at an international school here, then moved to the US where I played a lot of pickup with high level players, played for an amateur team in Hong Kong in the summer years ago...and have been playing since, though I wasn't officially with a club. Bottom line is, I can still play at a decent level, at least.

If any team would like to put me through a trial, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

Shyam N KCC Dragons and KCC Knights 2018-01-05

The KCC Football Section would like to recruit players for the upcoming new season. We have a few league teams at the club of which two are in the YYL. Please email if you're interested with your age, contact number and brief playing history and we will revert back with tryout details. We currently have an excellent very affordable opportunity for joining the club for sports members especially in the new Junior scheme for players in the 16 to 27 year old age bracket. We have another scheme for those over 28.

Guilherme Silva 2018-01-03

I am a 24 year old Brazilian player. Played professional soccer in Brazil and United States before. Looking for a club in hk. I can play right/left wing attack midfielder Please contact me via wtsapp at +82 010 3490 1918

Adam Hand 2018-01-02

I have just arrived in Hong Kong from New Zealand. Played reserve level football in New Zealand. I am defensive midfield/centre midfielder but am capable of playing across the midfield. Looking for a competitive side rather than social football. I am Level Three Junior NZF coach. Contact me on 91433403

Shyam N KCC Dragons and KCC Knights 2017-12-19

The KCC Football Section would like to recruit players for the upcoming new season. We have a few league teams at the club of which two are in the YYL. Please email if you're interested with your age, contact number and brief playing history and we will revert back with tryout details. We currently have an excellent very affordable opportunity for joining the club for sports members especially in the new Junior scheme for players in the 16 to 27 year old age bracket. We have another scheme for those over 28.

Emiel van Haren 2017-12-12

Hi Everybody!

My name is Emiel, from Holland. Playing 3rd division in Holland as a winger, midfield playmaker or striker.

Moving to HK on the 3rd of January. Working in TST. Will be living in Kowloon.
Please let me know if your team needs any players.


Victor Johansson Yours? 2017-12-09

Hey guys,
Just arrived in Hong Kong and I’m in search for a team. 26 year old Swede who the last years has been playing striker or right wing (but more than happy to take any position available.) I’m to Swedish and humble I say that I’m bloody awesome but I hope I can add something at least, on or off the pitch. Played third division in Sweden and 1st amateur league in Athens/Greece.
Living in Soho and working in Wan Chai


John 2017-12-05

Hi, I’m looking for a team to train and play with. However I work Saturday and Sunday day times. Is there a team out there for me? Cheers

Furqan 2017-11-21

My name is Furqan. I'm 20 years old. I have played in HK Division 3 for 2 seasons. I play as a Defensive Midfielder but I can also play Striker, Centre Back and even Right Back. I'm looking for a team who trains atleast 2 times per week and are competitive.

Sharif Alhinnawi 2017-11-12

New comer to Hong Kong from Canada. Looking to join a club here preferably D1/D2. Participated and was the captain for 1St division Amateur leauge in Montreal (QSL-Quebec Soccer League) and won first place for 2 times. Can play center mid/left wing/Striker!


Julien Passeron 2017-11-10

24 years old , french , played in amateurs clubs in France and dubai before , looking for a club and cool teammates to play here in Hong Kong . I’m living in causeway bay . Available any day except Wednesday night hinneh 2017-11-02

Im now seeking for club team .I was playing 816 in the previous year s and also squadron fc 3to 4 years ago. Now I'm seeking for team like French kiss or any division 1 team .thanks. George.

Tobias Korner Marlborough College, UK 2017-11-01

18 year old, born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in England. Played for my school's First XI as well as captaining the side a few times.

Preferably would play as centre-back, but more than happy to fill in anywhere across the back four.

Jannis Wittmann 2017-10-31

German Expat, aged 24. Central midfield. Played in German amateur leagues since I was 5. Looking for some real competition with a social component.
WhatsApp is: 98642507

Aaron Brown 2017-10-25

Left winger/forward, 26, from Liverpool, UK. Currently living in North Point and looking for a competitive team. Been in HK for 6 weeks and playing casual football at happy valley. Need some real whatsapp is +447826556878. Sign me up!

Amirkhan 2017-10-12

Searching for the team.Played in amateur league in Kazakhstan.18 years old.Hope to take a chance to show my skills.
Study at the HKU.

Nathan Smith FWD - Legal League 2017-10-09

Looking for new players to join FWD in the Legal League (seniors). You must be 35 or over.

Nice bunch of lads, couple of social events. We are looking for quality additions in all areas, the league is a good standard.

Please contact me at

Joe Parker 2017-10-07

Recently arrived in HK, looking for a club to play for. I'm 22 years old, always played for local clubs in England but most recently played in Shenzhen SIAFL until June. I'm left footed and usually play as a full back or wing back but have also played as a winger.

matt Godfathers 2017-10-03

Godfathers over 35S team are looking for new players for the coming season.

Currently playing in the Legends division most games are on weekday evenings
please mail with contact number and brief player history and age

email for more details:

Dominic Cranbrook School FC, Australia 2017-10-02

I've just finished high school playing schoolboy football in Sydney, Australia. My parents are from HK, so I'm definitely keen. I play centre-attacking midfielder and right full-back

Yogesh KGV and Brunel Uni 2017-09-22

Hi Guys, i play football socially on a regular basis, i can play left midfield, center midfield or striker, played for KGV during high school and Brunel University in UK, let me knw if there are any trials

Javes Played for my national team 2017-09-19

I am javes I am a real played for my national u20 now here in hk trying to look for a new club

Adilet 2017-09-19

I am from Kyrgyzstan used to play for my National Tean U17. Move to Hong kong to pursue my studies at CUHK. Playin for University Team. Winners of tournament 2016/2017.
Play roles Attacking midfield,left/right winger central forward.

Myron Chua 2017-09-14

Recently finished playing for Yau Tsim Mong U18, playing Central Midfield for them and was privileged enough to be the team's vice captain. Was suppose to join the ranks of Lee Man Rangers but due to the foreign player's restriction, the club opted to part ways with me.
Natural roles of box-to-box midfielder or deep-lying playmaker.

Markus 2017-09-14

Have been playing football in youth system in HK for 4 years in YTM and Yokohama FC. Recently played in First Division last year and was supposed to play for Lee Man FC until the international player spots got taken up. Play roles of attacking midfield, deep lying midfielder as well as winger.

Tim Cresner Maccabi 2017-09-10

Maccabi are looking to add a striker to the squad for this season. We train on Wednesday's at Kings Park. Please feel free to come down

Harry Poil 2017-09-10

Arrived in HK two weeks ago and looking for a team which is fun and social, still focused on winning but not taking it too seriously. Can play anywhere that am required except keeper but preferably centre back. Played 2nd XI football at Charterhouse school in UK (v good football school) and am based around Tuen Mun but am very happy to travel.

Furqan 2017-09-09

Im 20 and Im a local resident of HK. I have 2 years experience of playing in HK for Division 3. I'm looking for a team and I'm serious about football. Im looking for a team or any trial a team can give me.

Gavin Hadley 2017-09-07

Recently stopped playing rugby in order to concentrate on my favourite sport, football. Looking for a team that needs a 30+ goals a season striker

Elliott 2017-09-06

Looking to play competitive football on a weekly basis.

Crafted my trade across the football pitches of Liverpool, beginning as a tricky winger before transitioning to full back, centre back and finally into centre mid due to losing my pace, although I can summon the occasional mazy run!

Guaranteed to put in a shift, as fitness allows!

Jack Wagner None 2017-09-05

Just moved back to Hong Kong after several years in the US and UK. I am 25 years old and grew up in HK playing for the various Hong Kong Football Club teams up to the Colts level, when I stopped playing to focus on boxing. In the US at university I played casually with friends, but when I lived in the UK I played a couple of times a month with a competitive amateur team called Hampstead Heathens.

I am happy to play any position where a player is needed, though tend to be happiest on the wings, either as winger or full-back, or occasionally have been known to go up front. I would say my strengths are speed, aggression and a inswinger into the box.

Looking for a team which is fun and social, still focused on winning but not taking it too seriously.

Tom Roberts Unattached 2017-08-27

Recently arrived in HK from the UK, looking to keep fit playing football and meet new people! Aged 26, played at collegiate level, university. Living in Wan chai.

Mickael Riou Colloids 2017-08-26

Colloids are looking for new players for the coming season.

Renowned for our social side, we are looking for some quality players to get back in Division 1.

All welcome at training on Thursday at Kings Park, from 9-10.30pm.

Get in touch for more details:

Tom Vincent Corinthians 2017-08-21

Corinthians are a socially-minded YYL Third Division team currently seeking new players for the coming season. If interested,please email me with your contact details and preferred position.



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