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Sunday 27th April

League Division One

USRC : Club Wanderers
Club Albion : German All Stars
Baker Tilly Spartans : Antonhill
Club Colts : Swiss XI
Interglobo Colloids FC : The Store House Squadron
French Kiss : KCC Dragons

League Division Two

White Youth FC : SFALO Oxford
Yan Po : HKDC Mobsters
Corinthians : ANP
Boca Seniors : KCC Knights
The Store House Hearts : Azzurri

League Division Three

Dynamo : Darts
Scorpions : Grasshoppers
HKU70's : WYFC06
University : CAPS
Goal Visio : HOB

League Division Four

Rising Sun : Green Cypress FC
Standard Chartered : Skyline
Barclays : Hung Art
Bapcoll : IES
HKSS : Youth Coaches
Wah Yan : Power 22
Chairman's Note
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Team Subscriptions & Budget
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Touchline heckling
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Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Apr 6 & 13, 14 Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Cup Finals & Annual Dinner Thursday 17th April 2014

Dear team reps,
The annual YYL dinner will be held at the HKFC sports hall (not the restaurant as per last year) this year on Saturday 3 May 2014. This will follow the Chairman’s Cup final (ko 1500) and YYL cup final (ko 1630) which will be held on the main HKFC pitch (entrance is of course free) so we hope those of your who plan on attending the dinner will come early and watch the cup finals and we will be actively seeking to recruit some team reps to play in a curtain-raiser game with some exco members against the referees (ko 1330). HKFC have kindly donated the use of a bouncy castle for the afternoon so we encourage all members and their families to come down to watch and support the games.
This year's dinner will be a buffet similar to last year (menu is below for your reference) with a cash bar and 3 bottles of sparkling wine and 3 bottles of soft drink included in the cost of HK$345 per head.
1. Teams will be charged a minimum of 4 tickets as a commitment to the league (whether you take the seats or not).
2. There is currently no maximum number of tickets that each team can request.
Since the dinner will precede the end of season, please note that the 6-a-side trophies and will NOT be presented at the dinner. As per last season, we will also NOT be presenting trophies or medals for 3rd place teams or souvenirs for 7-a-side representatives.
3. We will be aiming to do a cash prize lucky draw in addition to some other attractions including the showing of a live premier league game after the dinner.
4. Please let your div reps know your required numbers by Friday 25 April 2014.

Thank you for your attention

YYL Exco

Team Balances & Revised Budget Thursday 17th April 2014

The team balances and revised spreadsheet is available for download here. All teams must settle their outstanding dues on or before Friday 25 April 2014 or late payment fines will be incurred.

Bank details HSBC # 600-711626-001

Thank you for your attention.

YYL Exco

Team Balances & Revised Budget

Result for the Game of Apr 13, 14 Monday 14th April 2014

1st Division:-
Club Wanderers (2) vs (1) Interglobo Colloids FC
USRC (9) vs (0) KCC Dragons
Antonhill (0) vs (6) Club Albion
German All Stars (2) vs (3) Club Colts
Swiss XI (1) vs (2) Baker Tilly Spartans
The Store House Squadron (1) vs (1) French Kiss

2nd Division:-
Boca Seniors (3) vs (0) HKDC Mobsters
SFALO Oxford (1) vs (6) G. G. F. C.
CS Old Boys (0) vs (4) Corinthians
KCC Knights (1) vs (2) The Store House Hearts
Azzurri (4) vs (0) Yan Po
ANP (3) vs (1) White Youth FC

3rd Division:-
WYFC06 (2) vs (0) HKUSA
Darts (3) vs (2) Goal Visio
Grasshoppers (1) vs (2) HKU70's
Outward Bound (1) vs (3) Scorpions
University (1) vs (1) HOB
CAPS (1) vs (3) Dynamo

4th Division:-
Hung Art (2) vs (1) HKSS
Skyline (0) vs (2) Bapcoll
WYFC84 (1) vs (2) IES
Green Cypress FC (3) vs (0) Barclays
Youth Coaches (0) vs (2) Rising Sun
Power 22 (3) vs (0) Standard Chartered

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Apr 13, 14

Reminder To Team Of Rules Regarding Players Suspended In Other Leagues Friday 11th April 2014

Dear Team Reps

We write to remind you of the rules regarding playing players in YYL games who are currently suspended/banned by HKFA or any FIFA recognized or non-recognized league.

Suspended or Banned Players
27. Any player currently suspended or banned by the HKFA or any other FIFA-recognised Football Association is not eligible to play in the League.
28. Any players who is currently suspended or banned from playing in any other league not recognised by the HKFA or FIFA is not eligible to play in the League without first having obtained written permission from ExCo.

Thank you for your attention.

YYL Exco

Result for the Game of Apr 6, 14 Monday 7th April 2014

USRC continued their unbeaten run in the league this season with a 4-1 win against Squadron, and with two games to go could be the only team since Club A (now Wanderers) in 1991-92 to achieve the feat of going a whole season unbeaten in division one, reigning champions Wanderers took the chance of reclaiming second place and changed places with Dragons after beating them 1-0, Swiss edged Antonhill by the odd goal in three, GAS dispatched Spartans 4-0 and the games between French Kiss and Colloids and Colts and Albion ended 1-1 and 0-0 respectively. With the championship decided there is still a possible three-way relegation battle on the last day of the season between Squadron, Spartans and Antonhill to see who joins Colloids in the drop to the second division.
Corinthians are being supplied with oxygen masks after making their way to the summit of division two after a comfortable 3-0 win over third division bound White Youth and the Cors were in good voice to see Mobsters beat previous leaders Knights, 1-0, which leaves the Cox’s Roaders out of the promotion spots and with the toughest run in after Boca overcame Azzurri 2-0 and with Hearts’ 3-1 win over Yan Po keeping them in the fray and Knights facing Boca on the last day of the season we should see a great finish, in the other games GGFC won 3-1 against ANP and CSOB took three points and scored two goals without reply in their game with Oxford.
After HKU70s 1-1 draw with HKUSA in the early game at Sandy Bay, Wah Yan’s Class of ’06 took the opportunity of going top of division three with a 2-1 win over Scorpions and with these top two placed teams playing each other in round 22 we hope to see a winner takes all finale on 27 April, University took the points in a five goal thriller in their game with Darts in the early game at Community Sports, Goal Visio shared the points and two goals with Dynamo, the game between HOB and CAPS ended 2-2 and Outward Bound overcame Grasshoppers 2-1 to move them out of the relegation places but far from safety.
Champions IES kept a massive fourteen points difference between themselves and the nearest placed team after they won 3-1 against Power 22, Green Cypress’ 4-0 win over Hung Art ensured that they are the hot favourites to join IES in division three next term, HKSS stayed in the hunt after shading Rising Sun, Youth Coaches beat Barclays 2-0, Bapcoll went down 2-3 to Standard Chartered and WYFC84 beat Skyline 4-0.

1st Division:-
Baker Tilly Spartans (0) vs (4) German All Stars
Swiss XI (2) vs (1) Antonhill
The Store House Squadron (1) vs (4) USRC
KCC Dragons (0) vs (1) Club Wanderers
French Kiss (1) vs (1) Interglobo Colloids FC
Club Colts (0) vs (0) Club Albion

2nd Division:-
White Youth FC (0) vs (3) Corinthians
G. G. F. C. (3) vs (1) ANP
HKDC Mobsters (1) vs (0) KCC Knights
Yan Po (1) vs (3) The Store House Hearts
SFALO Oxford (0) vs (2) CS Old Boys
Azzurri (0) vs (2) Boca Seniors

3rd Division:-
HKUSA (1) vs (1) HKU70's
Darts (2) vs (3) University
Goal Visio (1) vs (1) Dynamo
HOB (2) vs (2) CAPS
Scorpions (1) vs (2) WYFC06
Outward Bound (2) vs (1) Grasshoppers

4th Division:-
Rising Sun (1) vs (2) HKSS
Bapcoll (2) vs (3) Standard Chartered
Skyline (0) vs (4) WYFC84
IES (3) vs (1) Power 22
Barclays (0) vs (2) Youth Coaches
Green Cypress FC (4) vs (0) Hung Art

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Apr 6, 14

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Mar 23, 14 Wednesday 26th March 2014

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

YYL Training Pitches Monday 24th March 2014

Please note the following pitches will not be available for team training due to training of the YYL Select team in the HKFC Citibank International 7s - if you would still like to train on these evenings, feel free to contact other teams who train on the same night and we encourage all to share their pitches when approached and use common sense:

Tuesday 25th March KP1
Wednesday 2nd April KP1
Thursday 10th April KP3
Thursday 24th April KP2
Tuesday 29th April KP2
Wednesday 7th May KP2
Tuesday 13th May KP3
Thursday 15th May KP1
Tuesday 20th May KP1
Wednesday 21st May KP3

League Round 22 & Final League Standings Monday 24th March 2014

League Round 22 & Final League Standings

Dear Team Managers,
Please note that, as in previous seasons, for the final round of league matches we will try to organise matches involving teams from the same division with a chance of promotion or relegation to be played at the same time. This will help maximise interest and ensure a level playing field for the teams concerned. Depending on league positions after the penultimate round this could require the moving of fixtures to different pitches, changes to kick-off times and even the relinquishing of home pitches. We would aim to ensure that any movement of fixtures involving promotion or relegation would have a minimal effect on the schedules for other matches and we will notify the teams concerned of any changes as soon as possible.
For the avoidance of doubt, if two or more teams are on the same points at the end of the season, the league place(s) will be decided by the following and in this order:
Goal Difference
Most Goals Scored
Head to Head
Play Off Game With Extra Time (10 minutes each way) And Penalties If Required
Thank you for your attention

Result for the Game of Mar 23, 14 - revised result for the game of French Kiss vs Club Wanderers Monday 24th March 2014

USRC are champions of division one after a 4-0 win over Colloids gave them a twelve point lead after second placed Wanderers went down 2-4 to French Kiss and with only three matches remaining they are still unbeaten and have every chance of matching Wanderers’ (then known as Club A) record set in 1991-92 who went through a whole season unbeaten in the league, KCC Dragons put five past Squadron without reply to leave them level on points and ahead on goal difference in second place with a mouthwatering game in the next round against Wanderers, GAS won 3-1 against Swiss, Albion beat Spartans 3-0 and Antonhill won their second game in a week after scoring the only goal in their game with Colts to now leave them just two points adrift of French Kiss, Squadron and Spartans.
Knights remain top of the second division and did their goal difference no harm after hammering Yan Po 8-0, Corinthians moved into second place after a convincing 4-1 win over GGFC, Boca dropped to third after playing out the days only scoreless draw with Boca who stay in fourth place, Mobsters went down 0-1 to Azzurri, ANP and Oxford shared the points and two goals and CSOP beat White Youth 3-1 meaning the latter will be playing third division football next season for the first time in over a quarter of a century.
HKU70s and Wah Yan’s Class of ’06 won 2-0 and 60 against Scorpions and OBA respectively to leave them level on points with three games to go, HKUSA leapfrogged Dynamo into third place after edging Grasshoppers by the odd goal in three in the early game at Sandy Bay, Dynamo and University drew 1-1 to leave them in fourth and fifth positions respectively, Goal Visio and CAPS drew by the same score-line and Darts overcame HOB 2-1.
IES were crowned champions of division four after putting three past Skyline without reply, Green Cypress stay in second place despite going down 1-4 to Youth Coaches, Power 22 closed the gap to one point scoring the only goal in their game with Bapcoll, HKSS thrashed Barclays 7-1, Rising Sun won 1-0 against Hung Art and Standard Chartered were beaten 1-4 by WYFC84.

1st Division:-
French Kiss (4) vs (2) Club Wanderers
Interglobo Colloids FC (0) vs (4) USRC
Club Albion (3) vs (0) Baker Tilly Spartans
KCC Dragons (5) vs (0) The Store House Squadron
Club Colts (0) vs (1) Antonhill
German All Stars (3) vs (1) Swiss XI

2nd Division:-
The Store House Hearts (0) vs (0) Boca Seniors
ANP (1) vs (1) SFALO Oxford
White Youth FC (1) vs (3) CS Old Boys
Yan Po (0) vs (8) KCC Knights
Corinthians (4) vs (1) G. G. F. C.
HKDC Mobsters (0) vs (1) Azzurri

3rd Division:-
HKUSA (2) vs (1) Grasshoppers
HOB (1) vs (2) Darts
HKU70's (2) vs (0) Scorpions
WYFC06 (6) vs (0) Outward Bound
Goal Visio (1) vs (1) CAPS
Dynamo (1) vs (1) University

4th Division:-
Rising Sun (1) vs (0) Hung Art
Bapcoll (0) vs (1) Power 22
Youth Coaches (4) vs (1) Green Cypress FC
HKSS (7) vs (1) Barclays
IES (3) vs (0) Skyline
Standard Chartered (0) vs (4) WYFC84

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Mar 23, 14 (Revision)


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