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Sunday 28th September

League Division One

German All Stars : Club Albion
French Kiss : Club Wanderers
Club Colts : The Store House Squadron
Baker Tilly Spartans : USRC
KCC Dragons : Swiss XI
Boca Seniors : Corinthians

League Division Two

HKU70's : WYFC06
ANP : Interglobo Colloids FC
SFALO Oxford : Antonhill
KCC Knights : The Store House Hearts
Azzurri : G.G.F.C.
HKDC Mobsters : CSOB

League Division Three

HKUSA : Darts
Dynamo : University
Green Cypress FC : IES
Scorpions : White Youth FC
HOB : Yan Po
Goal Visio : CAPS

League Division Four

Skyline : Friends of Barclays (FOB)
Wah Yan : Grasshoppers
Rising Sun : Standard Chartered
Hung Art : OBA
Youth Coaches : Bapcoll
Power 22 : HKSS
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Result for the Game of Sept 21, 14 Monday 22nd September 2014

1st Division:-
Club Albion (2) vs (0) French Kiss
Club Wanderers (3) vs (1) Baker Tilly Spartans
USRC (4) vs (1) Club Colts
Corinthians (0) vs (2) KCC Dragons
Swiss XI (3) vs (3) German All Stars
The Store House Squadron (3) vs (3) Boca Seniors

2nd Division:-
Interglobo Colloids FC (3) vs (3) SFALO Oxford
Antonhill (0) vs (2) HKDC Mobsters
CS Old Boys (0) vs (7) HKU70's
WYFC06 (5) vs (4) KCC Knights
The Store House Hearts (0) vs (1) Azzurri
G. G. F. C. (0) vs (2) ANP

3rd Division:-
University (3) vs (3) HKUSA
Darts (5) vs (4) HOB
Yan Po (2) vs (0) Scorpions
White Youth FC (1) vs (2) Goal Visio
CAPS (2) vs (1) Green Cypress FC
IES (4) vs (0) Dynamo

4th Division:-
Outward Bound (0) vs (0) Rising Sun
HKSS (3) vs (0) Youth Coaches
Bapcoll (0) vs (2) WYFC84
Power 22 (7) vs (3) Friends of Barclays
Grasshoppers (1) vs (1) Hung Art
Standard Chartered (1) vs (0) Skyline

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sept 21, 14

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Sept 14, 14 Friday 19th September 2014

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Result for the Game of Sept 14, 14 Monday 15th September 2014

Despite losing half of their starting eleven in the transfer window, USRC started where they left off last season with an 8-1 victory over newly promoted Boca for whom Bolu scored a consolation goal and Mark Thatcher hit the bar, Albion scored two goals without conceding against Spartans, GAS shaded first division new-boys Corinthians, 2-1, Swiss edged French Kiss by the same scoreline and Wanderers and Dragons both won 1-0 in their games against Colts and Squadron respectively.
KCC Knights are top of the second division on goal difference following a 5-1 win over CSOB, HKU70s made a winning start in div 2 by winning by the odd goal in five against Antonhill, Azzurri beat WYFC06 1-0, ANP and Hearts shared the points and four goals as did GGFC and Oxford and Mobsters drew 1-1 with Colloids.
CAPS started the season with an emphatic 5-2 win over Dynamo, Goal Visio overcame Yan Po 3-1, White Youth went down 1-2 to Green Cypress, HOB and University drew 2-2 and the early games at Sandy Bay and Community Sports between HKUSA and IES and Scorpions and Darts both ended 1-1.
OBA set their stall out for an immediate return to division three after thrashing Skyline 9-0, HKSS overcame Wah Yan’s class of ’84 5-0, Youth Coaches won by the same score in their game with FOB, Power 22 put three points in the bank after a 4-1 win over Standard Chartered, Grasshoppers won 3-0 against Rising Sun and Hung Art won 3-1 against Bapcoll.

1st Division:-
Baker Tilly Spartans (0) vs (2) Club Albion
Club Colts (0) vs (1) Club Wanderers
Boca Seniors (1) vs (8) USRC
KCC Dragons (1) vs (0) The Store House Squadron
German All Stars (2) vs (1) Corinthians
French Kiss (1) vs (2) Swiss XI

2nd Division:-
SFALO Oxford (2) vs (2) G. G. F. C.
HKDC Mobsters (1) vs (1) Interglobo Colloids FC
KCC Knights (5) vs (1) CS Old Boys
ANP (2) vs (2) The Store House Hearts
HKU70's (3) vs (2) Antonhill
Azzurri (1) vs (0) WYFC06

3rd Division:-
HKUSA (1) vs (1) IES
Scorpions (1) vs (1) Darts
Goal Visio (3) vs (1) Yan Po
Dynamo (2) vs (5) CAPS
Green Cypress FC (2) vs (1) White Youth FC
HOB (2) vs (2) University

4th Division:-
WYFC84 (0) vs (5) HKSS
Rising Sun (0) vs (3) Grasshoppers
Hung Art (3) vs (1) Bapcoll
Power 22 (4) vs (1) Standard Chartered
Skyline (0) vs (9) Outward Bound
Youth Coaches (5) vs (0) Friends of Barclays

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sept 14, 14

Registration Thursday 11th September 2014

There appears to be quite a few players who have been registered with a team with different ID and/or name then they were previously registered with (usually a player who has been registered with another team). This may be down to a change in passport no. or a change from passport to HKID but as per league rules team management must ensure any changes to name and/or IDs are requested to the Chairman, Secretary, Webmaster and AO giving reasons for the change. It is very simple to check if there has been any change in the players details when first registering a player previously registered in the YYL as his/her previous history/playing record will be taken on.

As per league rules, any player found to have changed their personal details without approval from exco will be deemed to be ineligible.

YYL Exco

website tutorial Monday 8th September 2014

Please download website tutorial from below link

website tutorial

Training Pitch Allocation Monday 8th September 2014

Training pitches for 2014-15 are allocated as follows (these are from this week until the end of May 2015):


Pitch 1 - Antonhill/Squadron
Pitch 2 - French Kiss
Pitch 3 - GGFC/WYFC06


Pitch 1 - GAS/Swiss
Pitch 2 - CSOB/Spartans
Pitch 3 - Corinthians/Azzurri


Pitch 2 - Boca/Mobsters
Pitch 3 - Colloids/Dynamo

Cost for pitches will be 9K per season per team and this will be paid in 2 x installments (payable with league subscriptions).

The league reserves the right to rescind any/all bookings at short notice.

Teams must not pass on their pitch to other entities and must email if they are not going to use their allocation on any given week.

Pitches for Friendlies on Sept 7 2014 Wednesday 27th August 2014

Sept 7 2014:-
King's Park Upper Pitch 1 13:30-15:00
King's Park Upper Pitch 1 15:00-16:30
King's Park Upper Pitch 1 16:30-18:00
King's Park Upper Pitch 1 18:00-19:30

King's Park Upper Pitch 2 13:30-15:00
King's Park Upper Pitch 2 15:00-16:30
King's Park Upper Pitch 2 16:30-18:00
King's Park Upper Pitch 2 18:00-19:30

King's Park Lower Pitch 3 12:00-13:30
King's Park Lower Pitch 3 13:30-15:00
King's Park Lower Pitch 3 15:00-16:30
King's Park Lower Pitch 3 16:30-18:00
King's Park Lower Pitch 3 18:00-19:30

If any team is interested, please have the team rep email to the A. O. at for registration. All the registration will be confirmed by first-come-first-serve.

YYL EGM Thursday 21st August 2014

The Yau Yee League will be holding an EGM at Hong Kong Football Club on Friday 5th of September commencing at 7pm prompt. All team representatives for season 2014/2015 season will be expected to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to go through usage of the league website and disciplinary issues. Further details including an agenda will be circulated in due course.

Pitches for Friendlies in Aug, 14 Wednesday 13th August 2014

All the friendly slot of Aug 17, 24 & 31 have been allocated to different teams. For those teams with the friendly slot on these 3 days, please be reminded no parking space is available this month. The details for the friendly slot of Sept 7, 14 will be posted on the website around Aug 25, 14.


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