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Sunday 17th December

League Division Four

Standard Chartered 0 : 4 Rising Sun
Tuesday 19th December

League Division One

French Kiss : Azzurri
Wednesday 20th December

League Division Three

Grasshoppers : CSOB

League Division Four

OBA : Friends of Barclays (FOB)
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Result for the Game of Dec 17, 17 Monday 18th December 2017

1st Division:-
Club Albion (3) vs (0) Swiss XI
Club Wanderers (2) vs (0) Carnegies Boca Seniors
French Kiss (1) vs (3) Baker Tilly Spartans
Club Colts (5) vs (1) AFC Hearts
Azzurri (4) vs (2) KCC Dragons
AFC Squadron (6) vs (8) German All Stars

2nd Division:-
Colloids FC (2) vs (0) IES
G. G. F. C. (1) vs (3) Yan Po
ANP (1) vs (2) HKU70's
KCC Knights (9) vs (1) Antonhill
Dynamo (1) vs (2) White Youth FC
Maccabi HK (3) vs (2) WYFC06

3rd Division:-
Goal Visio (6) vs (2) Darts
Grasshoppers (A) vs (A) Green Cypress FC
Power 22 (2) vs (0) Bank of China
CS Old Boys (1) vs (1) Scorpions
Corinthians (1) vs (3) HOB
HKSS (3) vs (1) University

4th Division:-
Standard Chartered (0) vs (4) Rising Sun
Bapcoll (1) vs (3) Gurkha Int'l FC
Outward Bound (0) vs (1) AFC De Wanchai
Friends of Barclays (2) vs (2) Skyline
WYFC84 (3) vs (5) CAPS
Hung Art (1) vs (1) NFAA

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Dec 17, 17

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Dec 10, 17 Saturday 16th December 2017

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Exco/Team Reps XI 7 - Gazelles 2 & 3rd Round Cup Draw Saturday 16th December 2017

Exco XI came away with a convincing win against Gazelles last night at HKFC with a man of the match performance from goalkeeper Mark "The Cat" Eade making the final score flattering to say the least against good opposition. The game was played in great spirit and well officiated. Goals came from a brace apiece for Wise and Roman and one each for Ash, Collier and Mehdi.

After the match the cup draw was held with Spartans' Nick Day, on the shortlist for best teeth and WAG in the YYL, assisting with aplomb. The draw is as follows:

Swiss v Colloids
Dynamo v NFAA
Boca v Spartans
Squadron v GAS
ANP v Maccabi
Colts v Knights
Wanderers v French Kiss
Dragons v Corinthians

Games will be held on 21 January 2018 and will be scheduled in due course.

Games will be two 35 minute halves and penalties will be taken to decide the outcome of any matches that result in a draw at the end of normal time.

Henry Winter

Result for the Game of Dec 10, 17 Monday 11th December 2017

Cup Round 2:-
HKSS 2 vs 6 Maccabi HK
Carnegies Boca Seniors 9 vs 0 Goal Visio
CS Old Boys 2 vs 4 KCC Knights
NFAA 2 vs 1 G. G. F. C.
Swiss XI 11 vs 1 Friends of Barclays
WYFC06 0 vs 2 French Kiss
Colloids FC 4 vs 1 HKU70's
Corinthians 5 vs 0 Outward Bound
Hung Art 0 vs 9 German All Stars
KCC Dragons 9 vs 0 Bank of China - result late-in
Club Wanderers 16 vs 0 Scorpions
Power 22 1 vs 2 ANP
Grasshoppers 1 vs 3 Dynamo
AFC Squadron 2 (5) vs 2 (3) Azzurri
Baker Tilly Spartans 2 vs 0 Club Albion
AFC Hearts 0 vs 4 Club Colts

Table for Cup Games - up to the Game of Cup Rd 2 as at Dec 10, 17

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Dec 3, 17 Friday 8th December 2017

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Exco/Team Reps XI Match & Cup Draw - Friday 15 December 2017 Friday 8th December 2017

Match against Gazelles will ko at 830pm. Any teams reps interested in playing should email After the match the draws for the next rounds of the YYL Cup and Chairman's Cup will be held outside the Sportsman's Bar at (approximately) 1030pm.

YYL Exco

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Nov 26, 17 Monday 4th December 2017

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Wanderers maintain 100% record, Gurkha Intl still unbeaten, WYFC06 and Cors remain in pole positions Monday 4th December 2017

At the halfway stage of league games Danny Beatie’s Wanderers opened up a ten point gap and maintained their 100% win record after putting Albion, who dropped to third, to the sword, 4-0, in the Sport’s Road derby, Colts and GAS are in second and fourth places after 4-0 and 6-0 win over Squadron and Hearts respectively, Boca won 4-0 against Swiss and Spartans slayed Dragons 3-2.
Wah Yan’s Class of ’06 are sitting pretty at the top of the second tier after a 3-0 win over White Youth, Knights stay second and put some daylight between themselves and Colloids after scoring the only goal in their start-delayed match, Maccabi moved up to fourth after a 4-1 win over Dynamo that moved the Civil Servants into the relegation zone, IES and Antonhill are in fifth and ninth positions respectively after their game ended in a 1-1 draw, ANP beat GGFC 2-0 and HKU70s went down 1-2 to Yan Po who moved out of the relegation places.
Corinthians, for whom the evergreen Andy Mitchell recently bagged his 100th YYL goal, stay top of division three after a 5-1 win over Goal Visio, Green Cypress were stung 1-2 by Scorpions, Power 22 went down by the odd goal in seven in their match of the day with HKSS and Darts and HOB shared the points and two goals.
Gurkha are seven points clear in div 4 after edging CAPS 3-2, NFAA and Hung Art are in second and third spots after 4-0 wins over Rising Sun and Standard Chartered respectively, the game between WYFC84 and Bapcoll ended in a 1-1 draw and AFC De Wan Chai and Skyline played out the day’s only scoreless game.

1st Division:-
Club Wanderers (4) vs (0) Club Albion
Carnegies Boca Seniors (4) vs (0) Swiss XI
AFC Hearts (0) vs (6) German All Stars
French Kiss (P) vs (P) Azzurri
Club Colts (4) vs (0) AFC Squadron
Baker Tilly Spartans (3) vs (2) KCC Dragons

2nd Division:-
G. G. F. C. (0) vs (2) ANP
Antonhill (1) vs (1) IES
White Youth FC (0) vs (3) WYFC06
Yan Po (2) vs (1) HKU70's
Dynamo (1) vs (4) Maccabi HK
KCC Knights (1) vs (0) Colloids FC

3rd Division:-
Bank of China (A) vs (A) University
Power 22 (3) vs (4) HKSS
Goal Visio (1) vs (5) Corinthians
Green Cypress FC (1) vs (2) Scorpions
Grasshoppers (P) vs (P) CS Old Boys
Darts (1) vs (1) HOB

4th Division:-
WYFC84 (1) vs (1) Bapcoll
AFC De Wanchai (0) vs (0) Skyline
Outward Bound (P) vs (P) Friends of Barclays
CAPS (2) vs (3) Gurkha Int'l FC
Hung Art (4) vs (0) Standard Chartered
NFAA (4) vs (0) Rising Sun

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Dec 3, 17

Result for the Game of Nov 28, 17 Wednesday 29th November 2017

1st Division:-
Swiss XI (1) vs (4) Baker Tilly Spartans

Result for the Game of Nov 26, 17 Sunday 26th November 2017

1st Division:-
Club Albion (4) vs (1) French Kiss
AFC Squadron (0) vs (1) Club Wanderers
KCC Dragons (3) vs (1) AFC Hearts
Carnegies Boca Seniors (1) vs (1) German All Stars
Azzurri (1) vs (1) Club Colts

2nd Division:-
WYFC06 (2) vs (1) Yan Po
Antonhill (2) vs (0) HKU70's
Colloids FC (4) vs (4) Dynamo
ANP (0) vs (4) KCC Knights
Maccabi HK (3) vs (0) G. G. F. C.
IES (0) vs (0) White Youth FC

3rd Division:-
HOB (1) vs (1) Bank of China
HKSS (1) vs (1) Grasshoppers
CS Old Boys (5) vs (2) Goal Visio
Scorpions (1) vs (0) Darts
Green Cypress FC (2) vs (0) University
Corinthians (2) vs (1) Power 22

4th Division:-
Gurkha Int'l FC (3) vs (1) NFAA
Skyline (2) vs (2) CAPS
AFC De Wan Chai (1) vs (3) Rising Sun
Standard Chartered (2) vs (3) Outward Bound
Bapcoll (0) vs (0) Hung Art
Friends of Barclays (0) vs (4) WYFC84

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Nov 26, 17


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