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Congratulations To ANP - Division 3 Champions 2015-16 Friday 29th April 2016


Congratulations To Maccabi HK - Division 4 Champions 2015-16 Tuesday 26th April 2016

Macabbi HK

Applications To Join YYL In 2016-17 Monday 25th April 2016

Any teams wishing to apply to join the Yau Yee Football League next season must submit a written application to the Chairman and Secretary at the following emails by 30 April 2016:

The application should include but is not limited to:

Team background and history
*Proof of own pitch supply
Recommendation from 2 x current YYL member teams
Management and financial structure
Explanation on why they would want to join the YYL and what value you could add to the league

*Teams would normally be expected to provide their own pitches for all games (home and away for both league and cup games ) for a period of three years. Pitches need to be regulation sized 11-a-side pitches and proof of regular booking is required (i.e. we do not accept week by week bookings)

YYL Exco

Result for the Game of Apr 24, 16 Sunday 24th April 2016

1st Division:-
HKDC Mobsters (1) vs (2) Squadron FC
HKU70's (1) vs (6) Club Albion
Baker Tilly Spartans (4) vs (1) KCC Dragons
German All Stars (0) vs (3) Club Wanderers
Club Colts (5) vs (2) Swiss XI

2nd Division:-
Antonhill (2) vs (0) Colloids FC
Azzurri (1) vs (0) KCC Knights
IES (1) vs (5) G. G. F. C.
WYFC06 (0) vs (0) Hearts FC
University (0) vs (5) Boca Seniors

3rd Division:-
Grasshoppers (1) vs (4) HOB
Yan Po (0) vs (6) HKUSA
Dynamo (2) vs (1) White Youth FC
Green Cypress FC (0) vs (6) CS Old Boys
HKSS (2) vs (3) ANP
CAPS (2) vs (5) Goal Visio

4th Division:-
Rising Sun (2) vs (0) WYFC84
Maccabi HK (5) vs (2) Darts
Outward Bound (0) vs (1) Power 22
Standard Chartered (2) vs (0) Scorpions
Skyline (3) vs (1) Hung Art
Bapcoll (4) vs (7) Friends of Barclays

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Apr 24, 16

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Apr 17, 16 Thursday 21st April 2016

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

Congratulations To Frenck Kiss - Division Two Champions Thursday 21st April 2016

2015-16 Division Two Champions

Then & Now Wednesday 20th April 2016

German All Stars 1989-90

It is twenty six years since the German All Stars, founder members of the Yau Yee League, last won the division one championship. Much has changed over the years, which has seen Hong Kong, the then last bastion of the British Empire morph into an international city with a unique one-country-two-systems form of governance.
Back then the player-manager of GAS was the legendary Henrik Lorenz, one of the big pushers in getting the league off the ground in 1977. At approximately 50 years of age Henrik could still throw himself around the pitch and was a larger than life leader both on and off the field, Henrik sadly passed away ten years ago this year and is still fondly remembered by many in Hong Kong and his legacy is carried on through his charity work, rest in peace, Der Kaiser. In front of him and to name too few were the legendary Graham Cartner at left-back who had starred for the HKFC first team in his mid-teens and was, in the opinion of the author, the most outrageous-and-fun-to-be-with pxxshead since the beginning of mankind, rest in peace, Graham, in the middle of the park, a-nine-stone-wet-through Douglas Moyes, from Paisley in the West of Scotland, ruled the midfield with typical Scottish tenacity and is now in self-imposed exile in San Antonio and up front the pairing of Keith Bretnall and Haneef Mohammed scored goals for fun and both remain domiciled in Hong Kong. Fast forward to today, the current player manager of GAS, Adam Wise, is an eighth-generation-tin-miner from the Forrest of Dean, who after been sent to the corner shop to buy a bottle of milk and a Daily Mirror ended up going the wrong way on a people smuggling container to Calais and had to eke out a living in a suburb of Paris only to be found to be one of the very few in the area to be able to do his 7 times table…he was subsequently fast-tracked into the back office of a French bank and then shipped off to their Hong Kong office…similar to his doppelganger, Graham, all those years ago, Wisey can put a ball on a sixpence from 60 yards and doesn’t mind leaving his boot in whilst turning at the same speed as milk/the Queen Mary doing a 3-pointer, ably assisted by Steve Cairns, remarkably employed at tax payer’s expense to teach primary schoolers in Sheung Shui how to talk like the hybrid child of Jack Duckworth and Cilla Black, as assistant manager and midfield dynamo and Mark Jobling as club skipper and with goals coming in abundance from Aaron Martindale who, luckily for him, escaped the clutches of St Helens, Lancashire, and the people therein. While many things have changed over the years the GAS Class of ’16 carry on the long held tradition of playing hard on the pitch and hard in the pub afterward. If you want to get into the bar before the Germans, you better be quick...Vorsprung durch Technik.

Congratulations to GAS YYL league Champions 2015-16 Wednesday 20th April 2016

GAS Div 1 Champions 2015-16

YYL Select Masters At The HKFC Citibank International Soccer 7s Tuesday 19th April 2016

Dear Managers,

As both a reminder and final call, the YYL Select Management is asking for your support to submit a list of recommended players from your team that you see fit for the task ahead, both in terms of football skills and commitment to training and for the duration of the tournament. The squad will be 11 players – at least 6 must be 40 or over and up to 5 can be 35-39, before the start of the tournament.

Please email names, emails and phone numbers of suitable and interested players to and

The first training will take place 9pm, Thursday 28th April at King’s Park Pitch 3. Our aim is to hold a training session or a friendly on a weekly basis prior to the tournament.

Thanks for your support and to all those who have already put players forward.


YYL Select Management

Changes To Fixtures Tuesday 19th April 2016

Due to ensuring that, were possible, all games involving promotion/relegation are played at the same time this coming Sunday, there have been some changes to the playing schedule. Please look under the fixtures for changes and ensure your teams go the right pitch at the right time.

Thanks & Good Luck

YYL Exco


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