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Matata 2024-04-12

Hi Everyone,

Looking for a team to play for/train over summer to keep fitness.

Currently Age 17

I play U18 football in the UK for my school since I was 15 and I play for Step 4 side Worcester City U18s in the UK whilst I study there.

I play Center back.

Feel free to reach out, whatsapp +44 7840 152493


Scott 2024-03-11

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a team to join!
I am currently working in Hong Kong, and previously played in HK U16 Div 1 and my University team in Australia.

I can play most positions dependent on the team's playstyle, but I usually play: LB/LM/LW or RB/RM/RW

Feel free to Email me if you have any questions or interest.


Alan 2024-03-03

Hi all, I just moved to Hong Kong from Canada, and would love to join a team.

I play midfield or striker. Good passer, willing to work hard and run back to defend.

32 years old, normally playing 1-2 times per week.

WhatsApp: +1 514-885-2624

Please let me know of any availabilities! I’m happy to play as substitue, or join friendly matches / trainings as well.


Grish 2024-02-29

Looking for a team , I just moved from uk but been playing football since I was young in a county team .
I played Centre Midfield/CDM but can play defending confidentially.

22 years old
184 cm

Zachariah Muya Kapya 2024-02-14

19 Years old

I played for high school teams and a Division 1 team in Zambia. I recently came to Hong Kong and am looking for a team to join. Please contact me on WhatsApp at 66769492.


Enoch Lam 2024-02-08

22 years old

Played in Switzerland 5th League and at university level, looking to join a team. Feel free to email or whatsapp me +41 767910361.

Charlie Yang 2024-02-04

17 years old
178 cm
70 kg

Played for Southern U16, finding chance to pick football back up
Seeking team with training in Kowloon district please

Dravid 2024-01-22

Been out for a while recently started playing again good form playing as a midfielder and right back.

Bernard Suffner 2024-01-17

German football player: Vfb Oldenburg (4. division), BW Lohne (5. division), Oranje Nassau (Oranje Nassau, Netherlands Eerste Klasse 1F)
Duration: From now to end of May
Student at PolyU

24 years

William Walker 2024-01-11

31 yr old attacking midfielder from the UK. Played for Forbidden City in Beijing, Waitamata FC in Auckland and looking to join team in HK. Be keen to come to few clubs trainings to scope out the level and vibes. Please email me if any training sessions coming up

Anshul Maindola Swiss, azzuri, squadron 2023-12-29

Hi there i recently cam back from spain, staying there for 9 months, training and playing with cf pozuelo a 5th divsion team, i am looking to come back and prepare for another challenge again
I can play CDM, RW, LW, LB, ST

Hubb - A -Abbas All Black FC U18 2023-12-24

Hi My Name Is Abbas , I'm 16 years old , I play for ABFC U18 in HKFA Jockey Club U18 Youth League, I play RW/ RB , I have experience for playing against YYL Teams in the past , I want to play YYL because I want to Improve myself quickly and have more experience so it can benefits me in the future.

Cheuk Hang 2023-12-01

19 years old

Played for Eastern Youth, Chelsea Youth, trained with Hong Kong National Youth Team. Won U18 Hong Kong premier youth (highest youth level in Hong Kong)

Mark Hampson Kennedy Town FC 2023-11-24

Kennedy Town FC are in the market for a goal keeper to join the team for the 2nd half of the season. If interested please whatsapp our manager at 93053157

Tommy 2023-11-15

Hi i was playing Hong Kong Futsal division one in last season and still i m looking for a semi-proper or proper team to play. 7 side, 11 side is fine and position is forward, left back or right back.

Yahya Ibrahim 2023-11-14

Hi this is Yahya Ibrahim i am 22 i recently moved to hong kong i have played in school teams and university teams currently looking for a team to play as a left back if interested contact me or whatsapp +852 59353164 i am looking forward to train and play football

Chan Chun Nok 2023-11-04

I am Chan Chun Nok, aged 18. I am a striker who style is a target man. I have played for Kwun Tong u16/18 before. My advantage is I can hold the ball and I can cooperate with my teammates. However, my speed is low and my physical is not that good, but I will try my best to improve.

Cris Wang NA 2023-10-23

Hi all,

I can play any attacking position, now play in Legal League but want to find some Sunday games to play.
Here is my profile in YYL:
Feel free to drop me a message at +852 66363976

Kunal 2023-10-22

Age: 26
Position: Centre Back
Height: 6ft1"

Played competitively growing up in HK (U6-U16 Brazilian Soccer School, U17-U18 Tai Chung). Haven't played in recent years but now looking to restart and join an English speaking team that trains regularly.

KIU 2023-10-20

20 years old,played at Hong Kong Division 2 team as CDM,CF,RB.Due to the busy academic work,I would like to find a club for weekdays game.Please feel free to contact me thought WhatsApp +85294282890.
BTW I can be a strong network to find another position local players.

Peter / 2023-10-17

trained in HK and England before, can play any defensive positions.

CHIK Yui Fung NA 2023-10-05

I am a 23 years old local player who has 13 years of football competition history. I play as striker and CAM, also play as winger sometimes. I played for young teams in local club and territories teams. I played in Shanghai because I studied in Shanghai before. We won the first runner up in Shanghai university football tournament 2023.

My strengths are speed, attract position, play making and finishing. Although I am not tall, with the height of 173 cm, I can play agile and smart football which help me to score. I can shoot from long distance too. But I mostly score in the box as a striker by placing myself in a scoring position.

I am looking for teams to play sincerely. Recently I have no team because I just came back from Shanghai after graduation

Yin zhen(Kevin) 2023-09-25

Me and my friend Leo come from mainland China, we want to join a club, having regular team trainning and game with new teamates.

I am a center defense midfielder or center back.
Leo is a striker or right winger.
Both of us used to receive football trianning in a Beijing local football club.

You can contact us by the email address or +852 67445613.

Shoib Rizwan 2023-09-23

》Moved recently from the UK.
》Haven't played at a crazy pro level but i am good. Happy to start at a lower division 4 and work up. (Looking For A Challenge)
》Position is strike on occasions midfield.

Please contact me via Email,Phone,WhatsApp or direct Message if you want me to play in your team. First time trying this out. THANKS IN ADVANCE. 《《《 +852 6096 8459 》》》

Alois Goussard & Meidy Mbarek - 2023-09-20


Freshly arrived in Hong Kong, my two French friends are looking for a club to play football and enjoy themselves, after being away from the field for a while.
Alois is a defender who has played at a high level. He has played in three French academies and at national level in France.
Meidy is a goalkeeper who has mainly played at regional level in France, but has also played at national level.

If possible, they would like to sign together for the same club.

Please contact them if you are interested :
Alois: +33 6 28 42 02 49
Meidy: +33 6 71 03 57 91

nero 2023-09-16

Position: Wing/Striker/midfield

played playground league in HK before. Look for a team with regular training to play with in the league.

Stephane Blanc 2023-09-12

After several years as a professional football player, and one season with the Hong Kong First Division League champions CWDFC, I’m thinking to have a little break in my football career and just play for fun during few months.

Without any option at the moment after trials and contacts in Premier League and First Division, I just want to stay active and play football.

Feel free to contact me and see what can happens.

James Kirk 2023-09-06

Position: Striker
played sunday league in England looking to play this year while I'm here.

Frank GGFC 2023-08-28

GGFC Div 3 Yau Yee League looking for players, all positions. If interested please drop me a line.

Sanjay 2023-08-26

Age 18
Position midfield

Shyam N KCC Dragons and KCC Knights 2023-08-22

The KCC Football Section would like to recruit players for the upcoming new season. We have a few league teams at the club of which two are in the YYL Division One. Please email if you're interested with your age, contact number and brief playing history and we will revert back with tryout details. We currently have an excellent very affordable opportunity for joining the club for sports members especially in the new Junior scheme for players in the 16 to 27 year old age bracket. We have another scheme for those over 28.

Jav Swiss XI 2023-08-21

Swiss XI are looking for talented players in all position’s especially Center Backs. We have training every Wednesday night if you are interested please contact me through what’s app on 63529994

Andrew 2023-08-18

Looking for a team.
Can play left side of defence or centre

French Kiss Team French Kiss FC 2023-08-14

French Kiss is looking for new additions to the 2023/2024 team. We have regular training sessions on Tuesday & Wednesday nights as well as regular Gym & PT classes. Playing for the team comes with plenty of social activities and regular football tours mainly around Asia. Send us a message if you are keen!



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