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Sunday 22nd September

League Division One

Club Albion 5 : 5 Club Colts
German All Stars 2 : 2 Club Wanderers
KCC Dragons 0 : 1 Baker Tilly Spartans
French Kiss 0 : 2 Allied Colloids FC
Azzurri 1 : 2 Swiss XI
Boca Seniors 4 : 2 AFC Squadron

League Division Two

Corinthians 2 : 1 WYFC06
Dynamo 0 : 4 White Youth FC
AFC Hearts 0 : 4 G.G.F.C.
ANP 0 : 2 HKU70's
Maccabi HK 2 : 0 KCC Knights
Sunday 29th September

League Division One

Baker Tilly Spartans : Boca Seniors
AFC Squadron : Club Albion
Allied Colloids FC : Azzurri
Club Wanderers : KCC Dragons
Swiss XI : German All Stars
Club Colts : French Kiss

League Division Two

G.G.F.C. : Maccabi HK
White Youth FC : Antonhill
Gurkha : AFC Hearts
HKU70's : Dynamo
KCC Knights : Corinthians

League Division Three

CAPS : Morse
ADW Spartans : NFAA
IES : Grasshoppers
Green Cypress FC : HKSS
Yan Po : Power 22

League Division Four

Skyline : Darts
HOB : Wah Yan
Bapcoll : Standard Chartered
Goal Visio : Hung Art
nick_name_ct : Friends of Barclays (FOB)
Chairman's Note
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Team Subscriptions & Budget
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Abuse Of Referee After Being Sent Off - 23 Oct 16
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First Round Cup Draw Monday 23rd September 2019

The draw for the first round of the cup is as follows:

Antonhill v HOB
Scorpions v Darts
Standard Chartered v WYFC84
Goal Visio v ANP
Gurkha v HKSS
Power 22 v Honey Badgers
White Youth v HKU70s
MPR91 v Hearts
Grasshoppers v ADW Spartans
Green Cypress v CSOB
OBA v Hung Art
Skyline v Yan Po
NFAA v Bapcoll

Games will be played on 27 Ocotber 2019 and will be scheduled on the website in due course.

Prior to the quarter finals of the Cup competition the duration of the matches will be two 35 minute halves, however from the quarter finals the duration will be two 40 minute halves. Prior to the quarter finals of the Cup there will be no extra time and penalties will be taken to decide the outcome of any match that results in a draw at the end of normal time. During the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals of the Cup, when a match results in a draw at the end of normal time, extra time of two additional periods of 10 minutes each will be played.

Result for the Game of Sept 22, 19 Sunday 22nd September 2019

1st Division:-
Club Albion (5) vs (5) Club Colts
German All Stars (2) vs (2) Club Wanderers
French Kiss (1) vs (2) Allied Colloids FC - result late-in
KCC Dragons (1) vs (1) Baker Tilly Spartans
Azzurri (1) vs (2) Swiss XI
Boca Seniors (4) vs (2) AFC Squadron

2nd Division:-
Corinthians (2) vs (1) WYFC06
Dynamo (0) vs (4) White Youth FC
ANP (0) vs (2) HKU70's
AFC Hearts (1) vs (4) G. G. F. C.
Maccabi HK (2) vs (0) KCC Knights
Antonhill (1) vs (1) Gurkha Int'l FC

3rd Division:-
NFAA (3) vs (0) Outward Bound
CS Old Boys (3) vs (2) IES
Grasshoppers (0) vs (0) Green Cypress FC
Morse Park Rangers 91 (3) vs (2) ADW Spartans FC
Power 22 (1) vs (1) CAPS
HKSS (3) vs (4) Yan Po

4th Division:-
Darts (5) vs (0) Bapcoll - result late-in
Standard Chartered (1) vs (6) Honey Badgers
Hung Art (0) vs (2) Skyline
WYFC84 (2) vs (3) Goal Visio
Scorpions (0) vs (3) HOB

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sept 22, 19

Weekly Disciplinary Report for the Game of Sept 8, 19 Tuesday 10th September 2019

Please go to "Rep Admin / Download" to download the Weekly Disciplinary Report for the captioned game.

First Payment Request Tuesday 10th September 2019

Dear Teams

The first payment request has been sent to ALL team reps. Please check with fellow team reps or divisional reps if, for some reason, you have not received the spreadsheet.

Also, please be reminded that the Yau Yee League requires teams to make payments THRICE A YEAR ONLY. Thus, players incurring fines or other costs between now and December do not need to pay until the second request for payment is issued in January 2020.

Please arrange payment for the EXACT amount outstanding to the YYL account:

HSBC Account Number: 600-711626-001

on or before Monday September 30th, 2019 AND send proof of payment to the treasurer's e mail:

Failure to make payment AND send proof of payment before the deadline will result in a HKD 500 late payment fine, which will be doubled after a week. Teams who have not settled their dues by Monday October 14th, 2019 will be suspended.

Good luck to all teams for the season ahead.

Steve Cairns (Yau Yee League Treasurer)

Result for the Game of Sept 8, 19 Sunday 8th September 2019

1st Division:-
Swiss XI (4) vs (0) French Kiss
Allied Colloids FC (2) vs (3) Club Albion
Baker Tilly Spartans (2) vs (3) German All Stars
Club Wanderers (5) vs (1) Azzurri
AFC Squadron (0) vs (4) KCC Dragons
Club Colts (1) vs (2) Boca Seniors

2nd Division:-
Gurkha Int'l FC (2) vs (1) Dynamo
G. G. F. C. (0) vs (1) Antonhill
WYFC06 (0) vs (0) Maccabi HK
White Youth FC (1) vs (3) ANP
HKU70's (4) vs (0) Corinthians
KCC Knights (0) vs (3) AFC Hearts

3rd Division:-
ADW Spartans FC (1) vs (3) Power 22
Outward Bound (1) vs (4) Morse Park Rangers 91
Yan Po (1) vs (1) Grasshoppers
IES (4) vs (1) NFAA
Green Cypress FC (1) vs (0) CS Old Boys
CAPS (3) vs (3) HKSS

4th Division:-
Honey Badgers (6) vs (0) Darts
HOB (0) vs (5) Friends of Barclays
Bapcoll (2) vs (0) Hung Art
Goal Visio (0) vs (2) Scorpions
Skyline (0) vs (1) WYFC84

Table for the League Game - Up to the Game of Sep 8, 19

New season preparation Friday 6th September 2019

Team Reps
In accordance to new FIFA rules, team reps and managers will be subject to yellow or red cards from the referee during and after a match. As a result, team reps need to have their names and IDs checked before the game along with the 1st eleven players. Only registered and checked team reps will be allowed to "manage" the team during the game. If the registered team rep is yellow or red carded (whether he is registered as a playing or non-playing rep) the team will be subject to the same disciplinary penalties. If any person who is NOT a registered team rep or manager is yellow carded or red carded during the match, the team will be subject to a HKD 500 fine and further disciplinary action.

Laws of the Game
As many of you will know, there have been some fairly significant changes in the Laws of the Game. Team reps should have received highlights from the HKRA and links to a more comprehensive list of amendments. Please speak to your team rep if you would like to know more.

Goal of the Month
Please send any entries to Michael Wong ( and Neil Jensen (, in YouTube format. A winner will be selected for each month and awarded HKD 500. This will be paid at the end of the season, along with HKD 1,000 for the goal of the season. We have a YYL goal of the month YouTube channel, search YYL GOM to watch and subscribe.

HKFA Registered Players Wednesday 28th August 2019

All teams to note that league rule 24 regarding the registration and eligibility includes HKFA Premier League (including reserve league), First Division, Second Division and Third Division. Players registered in any of these HKFA divisions are NOT eligible to play in the Yau Yee Football League.


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