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  Disciplinary Sub Committee Corner
Manual Change of Team Sheet (Rule #34)
Fielding of Ineligible Player â Hoo Cheung
Manual Change of Team Sheet (Rule #34) Thursday 25th February 2010

Manual Change of Team Sheet

The Disciplinary Sub-committee (DSC) of the Yau Yee League has recently considered a case in which a team had made a number of hand-written changes to its team sheet for a match.

Rule 34 of the Yau Yee League Rules and Regulations clearly stipulates that such manual changes to team sheets are not allowed, and that any team making such a change will incur a penalty.

In accordance with Rule 34, the DSC therefore concluded that the team in question should be subject to the following penalties â

ï Deduction of 3 points
ï Deduction of 3 goals
ï A fine of $500.

Teams are reminded to ensure that they print out and use up to date team sheets for all matches in order to avoid hand-written changes and penalties under Rule 34.

Wilson Hon
Hon. Secretary



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