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  Disciplinary Sub Committee Corner
Six matches ban
Red card and disciplinary incident: Six-match ban for violent conduct combined with poor disciplinary record (Red card incident in April, 2011)
Message from the DSC - requirements for your red card report
Red card and disciplinary incident â spitting
Manual Change of Team Sheet (Rule #34)
Six matches ban Sunday 29th May 2011

The Disciplinary Sub-Committee (DSC) has recently considered an appeal from a red card incident. The appeal was dismissed for the reasons set out below. Details have been posted on the website for clarity to member teams.

The sending off was a violent conduct offence and merited the further minimum two-match ban provided for in the Disciplinary Guidelines on top of the automatic one-match ban for a red card, as well as a HK$500 fine and three disciplinary points.

Since the relevant player appealed the red card immediately, he continued to play without serving a ban, as per the rules.

The DSC considered the red card reports from both teams as well as the referee's report. The referee's report on the incident was clear and was very similar to the report from the opposing team. There were no third party witness statements to refute this evidence. In addition, there were no grounds for supposing that the linesman would have had a different view of the incident. Since the referee is the main match official, the DSC does not make it a practice of seeking conflicting reports from other officials.

The red card was the player's second of the season. Therefore, under Disciplinary Guideline 4, he is subject to a ban of three matches rather than one, as well as a HK$1,000 fine.

He is also subject to the further two-match minimum ban for violent conduct.

In addition, with the red card verdict upheld, this takes him to a total of 8 disciplinary points for the season, which incurs a further one-match suspension and HK$1,000 fine under DG 5.

In total, therefore, he is subject to a six-match ban and HK$2,000 in fines.



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