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YYL SIXES RULES Thursday 4th May 2023

1 The normal rules of football will apply except that there will be no offside.
2 Every team in the Yau Yee League must participate.
3 Failure to participate in the 6s on either week will result in a $3000 fine and possible further punishments.
4 Every team must be ready to play at the appointed time.
5 Teams are expected to bring squads of at least 8 players. The minimum number of players is 4.
6 Teams may use only their own registered players.
7 Teams Must Hand In A Blank Team Sheet To The Referee Before Their First Game On Each Week
8 There is no limit on substitutes. It is not necessary to request the referee\'s permission before making
substitutions. Substitutes must enter the game from the half-way line and may not do so until the
substituted player has left the field. Substituted players may return to play.
9 Any player receiving a red card in week 1 will be fined $500 and suspended as a minimum for the remainder of the 6s.
Any player receiving a red card in week 2 will be fined $500 and suspended from the 6s and for a minimum of 1 match
that will be carried to the next game which will include the next season if applicable.
10 Any player receiving 2 yellow cards on the same day will be suspended for the remainder of the 6s (both days if applicable)
11 Group Games in Weeks 1 and 2 - 12 minutes one-way (no (half-time)
12 Points For All Group Games: Win = 4 points, draw game = 2 points, No bonus points for goals scored.
13 Qualifying teams picked randomly in Group draw for Week 2.
14 Top 3 Placed Teams in All Groups will qualify for Week 2.
15 Game duration for all semi-finals and finals will be 7 minutes each way with 2 minutes half-time.
16 For semi-final and final games ending in a tie, both teams will be reduced to 4 players for 5 minutes
one way started by a drop-ball on the centre circle. Should the game still be tied it will be decided on
penalties - 3 penalties per team and then sudden death if necessary.
17 Groups for Week 1 was drawn as follows (Group 2 Will Be Drawn Out Of The Hat After Week 1):
The team who is in 2nd place in division three on Monday 5th February 2018 will be team 1 in Group A, third
placed team in division three will be team 1 in Group B and so on.



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