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Gee Lam 2007-08-17

Hi, I am looking to join a team either for friendly, competitive or even for training matches. I am 24 years of age and prefer to play full back or on the wings, though I am versatile and can fit into most positions.
Played competitive 5-a-side very regularly with a number of 11-a-side matches also, before coming back to HK. Feel free to email or call me if interested, Mobile: 9224 2346. Thanks.

Geoff Moulton 2007-08-16

I'm 28, played soccer in high school and intramural soccer in college; ran track and cross country in college and have played in amateur leagues for the past four years. I usually play defense, but still have legs for the middle. Looking to get on a team, hope it's not too late...

Yogesh 2007-08-08

Hi am 16 years old and my best position is right midfield. My second best position is strikers. My height is 184 cm .I am currently playing in division 1 for my school team of king george v. I have been playing for about 5 years. Please email me if intrested. thank you

Coach Richard USRC 2007-08-05

My name is Richard I'm the coach of YYL 1st Division team USRC, who finished last season in second place.

I'm looking to strengthen the squad for next season. I'd like to invite any new and/or established players to the league to attend our pre-season programme during the months of August and September.

We train twice a week (Wednesday and Friday) and play the majority of our league games at King's Park, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon on Sunday's at 4.30pm. We have clubhouse facilities within 5 minutes walk of the ground.

We are a multi-national team consisting of British, Australian, African and Japanese players.

Please let me know via email if you wish to attend our pre-season and I'll provide you with more details.

Leslie Yiu 2007-08-04

Just recently came back to Hong Kong after 17 long years in Canada. Grew up playing community soccer so I've got average skills. Looking for a semi-competitive team so I can meet new people while enjoying a good game of soccer. I'm currently 23 years old, 5'9, and itchin' to go kick a ball around.

Ken Schwartz 2007-08-03

Just moved to Hong Kong this week. I am looking to join a team.
Not sure how the competitive divisions work.
I have played competitive my whole life (varsity, university, club)....
I live in Replulse Bay area
Age 30+
Midfield or Striker (NOT Defense unless I have to)...... I score goals and like beer.

Darren Russell 2007-08-02

Anyone want an old fart thats played a bit? English, 41, over here for a year, 10 years ex-diadora prem, county level etc, still got the nouse, just don't run as far,

Looking to train and then play when available/selected (travel a bit with work) -

9468 0908 or email


John Cho 2007-07-30

Hi I am going to be 16 yrs old soon and my best position is CB and secondary position is LB. I currently play for my school in division 1 of the secondary school league. I am 183 cm tall and I would say one of my advantages is scoring from corners. I should be available for most matches during the weekends apart from saturday morning and sunday night. Please email if interested!

Carlton Koo 2007-07-24

16 year old 5ft 9 right back interested in joining a team. Stamina and crossing would be my strengths. I have played in the secondary school Division One League of Hong Kong. Please email if interested!

John Cho 2007-07-21

Hi I am going to be 16 yrs old soon and my best position is CB and secondary position is LB. I currently play for my school in division 1 of the secondary school league. I am 183 cm tall and I would say one of my advantages is scoring from corners. I would be glad for any lower division teams to offer me a place.

Douglas Au N/A 2007-07-21

178cm can literallly play in any position except upfront, play best in defense. I am only 16 years old but have played for school every year and have played for Hong Kong Football Club in the U15 and U17 League, winning the coach's favourite player of the year. I recieved a scholarship from Manchester United School sponsored by Cathay Pacific and represented my school. I would love to join a team and to play every week. I have played for more than 10 years. Contact me if interested, thanks.

Peter Nicholson 2007-07-20

Hi there,

I'm from Australia. I played in the corporate games in Melbourne.
I'd like to come to some training sessions and see if I can be helpful.
I'm a quick defender. Good at using the body. Can be quick in interceptions.
Play reasonably sensible football. In my mid 20's. I've got sprint legs.

Drop me a reply
Cherrs Pete

Jimmy Wan 2007-07-02

Just back from the UK and looking to join a team in Division four this season, can play central defence or midfield. If any teams need extra players pls send us an email.

liow yee kai 2007-06-29

Recently relocated to Hk from Singapore. looking to join a social competition or weekly social games. Usually play right or left fullback. Used to play for school and varsity and have been playing for over 15 years. Fit and raring to go!

David Lui N/A 2007-06-15

25 years old, 180cm Central Midfielder, can also play sweeper or full backs.
Strength: good ball controls, have been playing 7 a side football for over 15 years. like to use the ball

Weaknesses: stamina level is not at the best (am now doing some running to keep up), may need sometimes to adjust for the 11 a side (but i have experience before playing in teams like azzuri, and interschool competitions)

Phil Wood German All Stars (GAS) 2007-06-13

German All Stars (GAS) football team are looking to recruit new players who can improve our squad for the 2007/2008 season. We are a club that is made up of mainly British players despite our name. We play a good level of football and we also have an excellent social scene at the club.
We are looking for players in all positions and plan on starting pre season training at the beginning of August. If you are interested in attending pre season training then please contact me at the above email address and I will add you to the contact list. Details will then be sent out closer to the time regarding dates and venue.


KS TBA 2007-06-12

我地需要幾位殺手前鋒, 鐵閘後衛及冷血清道夫. 如果可以得閒吹下水飲兩杯就 very good. 等你

KS TBA 2007-06-12

We need a smashing and prolific striker. If you could live up to be a nightmare to any defender out there, we would like to hear from you.

Raven Kwan any team 2007-06-12

I am a 16 HK teenager with average football skill and i wanna join a Team to play ,i m SMF,WF in my school team ,that email address is also my MSN,pls feel free to contact me to provide me more the way,i can speak good english,dont worry about communication.

Danny Wang nil 2007-06-12

Like to join team.
best position: MF
34 year-old, 183 cm tall, better in left leg, good skills.
let know if your team can have a try on me.
thanks, Danny

alan tbc 2007-06-11

Looking for a "scoring machine" with powerful header and good finishing. Please email us with brief personal description and your contact.

Lemaitre Nicolas AS Chatoyance 2007-06-05

I am a 22 year old french guy coming to Hong Kong to work in Export.
I play football for 15 years now, good at technique, dribblings, long-passing and scoring, I am better with right foot but I can play nearly every where on the pitch except as a keeper. I also have a football teaching diploma for children.
Waiting for your reply.
Nicolas Lemaitre

Rich Caruso 2007-05-31

Looking to join a team that plays on the week nights preferably in Happy Valley. I'm 40 now and have been playing since I was a kid but haven't played over the past 3 years. However, I'm still in good shape and eager to get out and play a few days a week. I have mostly played forward on the left wing.

Andy Raishbrook Swiss XI 2007-05-31

Swiss XI are looking to recruit a goalkeeper and central defenders during the summer, in order to strengthen the squad for the 2007-08 season. Any interested players should contact me on the email address above.

We are a social and cosmopolitan team with a "competitive edge", and finished third in Division Two in the last campaign, representing a very successful and enjoyable season.

eric c nil 2007-05-25

am 39 going to be 40 , travel to hk frequently , looking for some social team to play with . active player in kl , just looking for a good sweat .. and some fun . plays MF . interested in veteran league . drop me a note if u guys out there is interested .

Kenny 2007-05-18

We need a goalie who can make regular coming season

Gurvinder Singh Wasan 2007-05-08

I'm 22 years old and am a Indian. I am looking for any team out there who are interested in offering me a trial. I can play either as a midefielder or as a forward, preferbly on the right side. If there are any interested party's out there who need players, please call me at 6300 5901 or message me at or

Ken 2007-05-01

We are looking for players to rebuild the team next season, let me hear from you if you're keen.

Campos Lee 2007-04-30

Goalkeeper looking for a team. l am short (173cm), 24 years old. played over 10 years. please email me or add my msn:

Alan Lee TBD 2007-04-27

We would like to seek for a Sweeper and a Goalkeeper.

If u are interested in it, please email me and let me have your contact.

Player is required to pay $850 for whole season.

Yoshi TBD 2007-04-16

32 yr old who just moved here from the US. Looking to get back into the game for regular exercise and to escape work. Played a few years of college ball in California. Defense is my preferred position. Very interested in playing at the 3 or 4 level for competitive fun. 852-9830-3110.

Kevin 2007-04-02

Looking for a Div. 2/3 Team to have some fun. Play Center Mid/Right Mid.
Please contact me if there are any tryouts or friendly games available. Thank you.

Ken Li 2007-03-29

Whole-hearted short full-back with so-so skills wants to get some fun regularly, would love to get any chance to play if there's any, thanks.

Ross Carter ANY? 2007-03-09

Hi, I'm quick, can dribble with both feet and physically intimidating in the air. I'm looking for a team to help me build my confidence both on and off the pitch. Physically I'm more cuddly than fat. At school I was allowed to take goal kicks, throw-ins, free kicks, corner kicks, all headers and penalty kicks so I can't be in that bad a shape. We were shit though. Anyway, if anyone wants a leader, dribbler, and flicks-and-tricks man then please call. I'd be happy to go for a burger to discuss where I can play in your team. Thanks, Ross

Michael Chan 2007-03-07

I have just moved to HK and looking for a football team, I am from Liverpool UK. I can play anywhere in midfield and also as a forward my favored position, I am short 5ft6 stocky and a stong player with good ability on the ball, i also have pace. I am looking to play for any team serious or non serious.

Chris White Legs of a Daschund, Heart of a Lion 2007-03-07

Short goalkeeper looking for solid defence to ball out for my mistakes

Peter 2007-03-02

Another new boy to Hong Kong, 25 year old left sided player, although can play in the middle of the park.

Played at a reasonable standard off and on since a kid. Willing to come along for a trial at any team.


Daniel McArdle 2007-02-23

Greetings - I just moved here in early february and I'm looking for outdoor + indoor soccer (yes I'm american) here in hk. I'm a 'big target forward' - 6'3" (190 cm) 230 lb (105 kg); very left footed, still have a strong shot, good in the air, can poach and finish crosses. I'm in my late 30's and was in relatively decent shape before our big move; I will be able to work on fitness again in march. I live in Happy Valley for what its worth. I play up front mostly, although I can play some mid if I have to.

Dan Mc

kit 2007-02-07

i am 25years,i haven't joint any team,now i wanna join some team to play,i have good skill and speed,besides, i can play most post such as sb,cb,wb,smf,wg,st.

Mark Lo Darts 2007-01-28

I am a student who is 16 years old. I would like to apply for Left Back or Right Back. I am 175cm height, tall and thin body that can run fast. I am excelled at body strength, trapping off side, and communicate clearly with others. I am a member of my school team and I have a lot experience on large field soccer game.
please send me an e-mail if I am suitable for the team.

Barron Ng Darts 2007-01-28

I am 16 years old. I am Center Back or Sweeper. I am 181cm tall, solid, tough, wide strong body .
I am excelled at body strength, long pass, all basic technique and communicate well with others. I am in my school team and in position of starting member.
I have numerous knowledge and experience with playing soccer.
Please call me or e-mail me if I'm the man. m: 90955157

Alhassan asso rock 2007-01-27

My Name is Alhassan,I am a sharp forwarder,I am looking for a team to i am 5ft 9 just call me or email if you want to try me

Nathan 2007-01-22

Another newie to HK, 31 and fit, a lifetime player @ either central or left defence. Give me a call on 62951015 to help plug any leaky defences! And have a few beers....

chan tsz kin, anthony 2007-01-12

i am looking for a team to join. i am a doctor. i am 36 and i am still very passioniate about football. i play MF. please call me at 96585010.

Vladyslav 2006-12-28

I'm 29, 188 cm.
Would like to play football in a team.
Usually as defender or forward.
m. 96134876

Vindi Wasan Any Team 2006-12-21

Hi, i'm 22 years of age. Looking for a team to play for. Have played soccer long back for DSC and for a team called Tigers. Haven't played in awhile. I usually play upfront and can also play in midfield. I have a hell of a powerful shot and can shoot quite accurate. The main thing in me is my speed. Friends claim me as being damn fast.

Sunny Sethi any team 2006-12-15

Hi, i'm 18 years of age and can play fairly well as a defender left/right or defensive/central/attacking midsfielder. My acceleration is slow but my pace is quite well, passing and shooting is accurate and i am a solid defender. My crosses always seem to meet my team mates head and usually we score. I would like to play for any team possible, even lower league would still be good football and lots of fun. Email me please

Steve Richardson 2006-12-14

Hi, I am looking to join a team, I have just moved to Hong Kong and I am here till August.

I normally play centre mid, I am based near Mong Kok,

Email me if you need a player,

Cheers Steve

Ben Wong 2006-11-24

Hi , I'm 25 years old
I wanna to find a club to join
My position is FW / LMF / MF
I played second division in HKFA on 02-05 ,If any club have interest, you can contact my e-mail ,

Matt Thornington 2006-11-10

Solid and simple defender, either side or in the middle. 32 yo 180cm. Good in the air. Motivation - get fit, have fun.
Looking for a team that trains on Friday evenings. Due to work commitments I can't make it on other weekdays.

tse lai yin 2006-11-07

i played for manutd soccer school ...i hope to play for any team if you want me ..
我踢曼聯足球學校 .我希望可以有一隊球隊可以比我一個機會...我176cm .
中後場 ...forward 都得....played soccer for 6yrs ..plz give me a chance ^^

chan kim fung 2006-11-07

邊隊要新人? 我16 180cm 60kg 踢過manutd soccer school 有證書 !踢右中 前鋒 頭頂唔錯 個人技術唔錯!!! 有興趣可call 我98729846 阿峰
i want to play for any team in the Yau Yee League.I am 16 year old 180cm 60kg , lastyear i finish play hk manchester united soccer school . I play RMF, Striker !! I am very love play football !!!Give me CALL 98729846 (FUNG) or email me.

Paul Fraser 2006-11-05

A very flexible, bread n butter defender. Happy in the middle, cleaning up leaky midfields, or steaming up the left or right flanks. Good in the air, solid combative tackler, 30 and in good shape. Have also been know to fill in at centre mid.
I've had 3 months away from playing and am gagging to get back into it.
Football philosophy - clean it up, lay it off. Simple football.

Ryan AU I want join team 2006-11-04

Now I play third division in HKFA ,Have any team can join me to play,
I play defence and Mid-field,
In San Francisco Play league and play North California Chinese Team

yinka Adeleke any team in yauyeeleague 2006-10-28

hi am 17 years of age i am a defender strong and agile i will be glad if any team in yauyee league can give me a offer i will be glad to here from the teams that needs me, you can contact me on the above address thanks.

sunday ndukwu any team in the yauyeeleauge 2006-10-28

hi am 17 years of age willing to play for any team in the yauyee leauge, i am i defensive milfilder if any of you needs myservice you can contact me on the above address thanks.

Kwok Yiu Pong William Looking for club 2006-10-27

Hello , I'm 25 years old
Now l am looking for a club to join
My position is Goalkeeper
If any club have interest, you can contact my e-mail

richie 2006-10-26

anyone in need a spare striker/winger, i play with either feet, good on free kicks,blatent oppotunist with crosses or corners , if not asking too much looking for friendly side that gels well and has fun firstly.

Joshua Barrett Looking for Club 2006-10-09

I am looking to come to Hong Kong and play in the First Division. I am a 22 year old Goalkeeper from Sydney, Australia. To date i have played in the highest State League competitino in NSW and am hoping to break through to the A-League which boost players such as Dwight Yorke, Romario, Beneioto Carbone and many Australian Internationals.
I have also been part of the Malta U21 National Team in 2005 were i was invovled in a training camp. I have dual citzenship and have been scouted buy Maltese Officials to hopefully become a full international in the Future. Any extra information that people could give me on the first division league and details on how many times most teams train and if all players work during the day would be invaluable to me as i am hoping to finalise details and get in contact with some of the Football Clubs in Hong Kong. If anyone would like to help me out you can contact me on the email above or my home email,
I appreciate your time in reding and hope to hear from some one soon.

Gurmit Sethi 2006-10-03

I'm 18 years old and can adapt to play almost anywhere on the pitch.
Normally i play as a Defender Left or Right, or as a Defensive Midsfielder. I've got good pace and my passing and shots are accurate. I have quite a strong body and can be physical most of the time. My weakness is my speed. I am willing to train and play with any team available.

badrisan mat nor bin (sham) any team need player 2006-09-28

im 30 yd from malaysia.i been play for league in hong kong for long time now im a coach .coaching for brazilin scoccer school in hong kong .if any team need a player FW or center MF im redy to work with you.thanks

邦仔 丙甲 東昇 2006-09-28

我想問有分球員可ng可以踼友誼league? 我個位置 係守門員 181cm 150磅 23歲 前效力球會 愉園青年軍99-00,丙甲 喜利02-03 ,乙組 大埔04-06,現轉會丙甲 東昇!

chan kim fung 阿峰 2006-09-25

邊隊要新人? 我16 180cm 60kg 踢過manutd soccer school 有證書 !踢右中 前鋒 頭頂唔錯 個人技術唔錯!!! 有興趣可call 我98729846 阿峰
i want to play for any team in the Yau Yee League.I am 16 year old 180cm 60kg , lastyear i finish play hk manchester united soccer school . I play RMF, Striker !! I am very love play football !!!Give me CALL 98729846 (FUNG) or email me.

lee wing ching power 22 2006-09-22

(The power 22 )would like to invite looking for goal keeper (especially need).if you're interested to joining .call me (91603385)

Ross Carter German All Stars 2006-09-14

The German All Stars would like to invite players looking for a team to come and try out with us. We are an expat team made up of a good mixture of English and German players. We have regular friendlies arranged between now and the start of the season and train on a Wednesday. Being a top social side we also have a lot of socials arranged too! Please send us an email if you're interested in joining.
We especially need a goal keeper.

Ken Abela 2006-09-07

Legal Head are looking for new players for the Legal League. Its a friendly league, played on Saturday afternoons mostly, with roll on roll off subs. Drop me an email if your'e interested.
You can check out the league website at

Gurvinder Singh Wasan 2006-09-04

Hello. I am a 21 year old Indian from Hong Kong. I am looking forward to playing for any team in the Yau Yee League. I believe this league as being competitive and am in for a competition. I am currently playing for a team called Tigers at a lower division. I play up front but can also play down the right flank. Have got plenty of pace and got a powerful shot. Am able to cross fairly well. Areas of improvement for me would be my dribbling. Besides all that, I'd say I'm fairly good.
Give me a bell at 6300 5901 or email me.



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