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Ali Moazzam 2016-08-11

im 15 years old, can speak fluent english, basic chinese, football experience = about 4 years, been living in hong kong for almost 9-10 years,

Dravid sunuwar White youth fc 2016-08-05

Can defensive midfielder or a central midfielder.

Michael Wong White Youth FC 2016-08-03

We are currently looking for players in all positions for the 2016-2017 season.
Currently in Division 2, Contact me on the above email if interested, cost will be shared among players.

Alan Urmston United Services Recreation Club 2016-08-02

The United Services Recreation Club (USRC) is seeking players for the 2016-17 season.

USRC plays in Division One of the Yau Yee League, as well as Division One of the Legal League and the Legal League Legends League (over-35s). We are primarily seeking players for the Yau Yee League team but we are looking for players for the other teams as well.

The majority of USRC games are played at King's Park on Sundays (YYL) or Friday evenings. We also have training every Wednesday evening at King's Park under the supervision of qualified coaches.

Membership of the USRC is not necessary but players do need to pay an annual membership fee to cover training and other costs.

If you are interested in joining us, please reply to me, giving brief details of your age, position, playing experience and preferred team.

James Cottam Unattached 2016-08-01

Hi- have just moved to Hong Kong permanently with my job, looking to join a team for the forthcoming season!

Age- 25
Height- 6 ft 1
Positions- CM/ CDM
Experience- youth teams, Uni 1sts & 2nds (London), work 11s for last 3 seasons.
No HK phone number yet so please contact on email if interested, am available for pre-season. Cheers

Warren Colloids FC 2016-08-01

We are looking for new Division 1 players for next season. We train at Kings Park on Pitch 3 Thursdays from 9:00-10:30. Email me for further details or you are welcome to just turn up to training.

Vincent Mammone 2016-07-27

Dear all,

I arrived in HK 3 months ago and after several games and trainings with few teams, I am looking to integrate a team for the whole season.
I followed a sport-study program when I was younger (Annecy - FRANCE) and played the last 4 years with my university (champion the last 2 years with my business school in Lyon).

My details are as follow:

Name: Vincent Mammone
Age: 25
Nationality: French - Italian
Position: MOC - Striker
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 68 kg

I am really motivated to integrate a team and be part of a nice experience.

Vincent Mammone

Chris Boca Seniors 2016-07-25

Looking for players who want a strong social scene as well as competitive team. With a full-time coach for the 2016-2017, promotion to the first division from the second division is the target set for this group. Currently needing a CB, RB/LB and a AMC/CM. Please contact myself on the above e-mail if you are interested in trying out for the team.

Michael Wong White Youth FC 2016-07-17

We are currently looking for players in all positions for the 2016-2017 season.
Currently in Division 3, Contact me on the above email if interested, cost will be shared among players.

Ken Yau Yee Veterans 2016-07-17

We are retires of YYL and other competitive leagues, currently we play only social football on every Saturday morning. We are looking for a keeper at the moment, please contact me if you are interested, other positions are welcome too. Thank you

Nick Spartans 2016-07-12

We are currently looking for players in all positions for the 2016-2017 season. We train once a week and play in division 1 on a Sunday. We are a social and competitive team with a 6 other teams within our club. Contact me on the above email for more information about pre-season training.

Deniano Qose 2016-07-08

Age : 16
Height : 1.68
Position : right and left winger , difensive
Playing style : short passes, defended well and a good speed
English skill : average

Nick Yeung Any team 2016-07-05

Age: 15
Height: 167 cm
Position:Midfield, Attacking midfield (Can play on both wings or as striker if needed)

Playing style: Tries through balls, tries dribbling
English skill: Fluent

Keron .L. Ash Currently unattached 2016-07-04

I'm 6ft1 28yr versatile footballer of Trinidad and Tobago. I played 2nd division football 2014-2015 season. I've been keeping myself in shape and training a lot individually. I'm interested to play football in hong Kong/ China. My playing positions - right and left winger, defensive mid and right defensive. I'm hard working , team player , respectable and must win attitude. I would give my all if I'm given the opportunity to represent your club.

Miguel Sai Kung, Kowloon Bay 2016-06-26

Age: 29
Height: 169cm
Position: Attacking midfielder, winger
experience: semi pro team portuguese 3rd division, amateur leagues

Charles Cornall Stockport Vickings 1st Team (UK) 2016-06-24

Hi, I am currently living in Hong Kong for a few months and I would kvor to join a team so I can play whilst I'm here! I live in Tin Hau next to Causeway Bay - I'm free for the majority of the week. I am 19 and have a lot of experience playing football from a very young age + I went through trials for professional football in the UK! I play RW/LW or CF, mainly up front is my play style - email me if you are interested for me to try out.

Frazer Anyteam 2016-06-22

Moving to Hong Kong in July, would love to play football regularly when i arrive.
Predominantly cm but have been known to play anywhere in midfield/LB/RB/Upfront

Jeremy Tsai Any Team 2016-06-20

Age: 24
Height: 168cm
Main Positions: CDM, RB
Secondaries: LB
Experience: Sunday Football Leagues (Predator FC)
Play level: Medium
Notes: Needing match sharpness, practice; been out of football for at least 3 months, looking to have exposure at least once per week

Jake Simpson Yau Tsim Mong 2016-06-10

Hi everyone

I am 15 years old, 5,11 ft, 60kg.....
I play for the Yau Tsim Mong youth team in U16 about to promote to U18....
But I am looking for a different club that has good training drills and will develop my technique very well....
I play RW or midfielder
100m time 11.92 seconds
I will be looking foward to any responses

Tyler Magor Any Team 2016-06-07

Hi All

I will be in HK from August and I am looking for a team, Play 6's and 11 man in South Africa. Can play CM, CB in 11 man and anywhere in 6's. Looking to hit the ground running once I get to HK.

Whatsapp: +27823092026

Eddy 2016-06-07

Hi, I'm looking to join a team, can play RM, LM or Forward, quick pace, good on the ball and creative. Aged 29.

Andres Any team 2016-06-04

Hi guys,
I'm Colombian, 31 years old, arrived in HK 6 months ago, looking for a team to play. Can play best as an attacking midfielder.
My number is 5392 3440.


sumin park 2016-06-04

Hi, I am looking for team, here's my profile,

Address : Tsimshatsui
Nationality : South Korea
Age : 28
Expected period for living HK : Permanently
Condition of a team for me to join : To use English for main communication
English skill : Basic conversation available
Available date to play game: Every Saturday or Sunday
Available time to play game: Any time but PM preferred
Foot ball experience : As social gathering team for 1 years in Korea
Position : Defensive Middle/ Wing Forward / Center Back
Play Level : Middle-Low

Phone no. 5547 8591
please feel free to contact me.(Text preferred)

Please give me any advice to join this Yau Yee Football League.

pascal any team 2016-06-01

Hi my name is pascal, living in hk. Looking for a team to play...i'm center back and leftback
I was playing in the gambia first division..📞55183806

Ping Woo 2016-05-27

I play for my university team in Singapore. Currently in HK for a 3 months internship. 22 years old, can play at fullback or winger. Looking for a team to play with to keep up my match fitness and meet new people in HK, do text me at 5518 8040 (HK number) :)

Ronald 2016-05-25

Hi everyone.

I am Ronald, 28. Best in RB LB. Played Sunday league in Adelaide for a year while studying. Also some competitive Asian league in London for few years. Now settle in HK and looking for a team for either training or even games. Prefer starting from lower division but willing to join any team. thanks

Contact: 97504321


Tyler Herbst 2016-05-23

Interested in joining a team.

Alex 2016-05-18

Hi guys!

I'm 28 and I am looking for a team to play competitively at a good level ideally division 1.

I can play any left or center mid or fwd. Will be happy to training with a team and join one for the long term. I play competitively in high school and college at club level and also play in Adult league in the states.

whatsapp 64324695

thanks! cheers.


Diogo Honorio 2016-05-14

Just arrived in Hong Kong and am really looking forward to play some football. I am Portuguese, have played football all my life and used to play as a midfielder but can play on any position you guys want me to. I am 31 years old and in pretty good physical condition. Do a lot of running.
Availability: weekends
Please drop me an email and let's play!

Louic C 2016-05-09

Hello I am Louis, 21 french student and I am looking for a football team. I played defender and defensive midfielder for 8 years in France (Football team and university team).
Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a new player even if it is just for the training.

Thank you,

Matthew Keefe 2016-05-06

Relocating to HK in the next couple of weeks and looking for a club to play for.
26yo Midfield/forward and currently play semi-professionally in the UK.
Contact me for further details.

Viplav Tandon 2016-05-06

I am a student at Hong Kong Academy and plays regularly in the school team as a winger or striker. I have been playing football since I can remember and am very passionate and hard working. I am quite pacy and able to take on players and create opportunities.

Jav 2016-05-05

26 years old can play in various positions and currently working as a football coach. Looking to play again after injuries doesnt matter the level of team as long you have regular trainings. Would love to come for try out please contact me if you do need players for next season

Kevin Pang 2016-05-04

Live in Fanling. 34 yrs old, British Born Chinese. Used to play casually (7-a-side, outdoors) in the UK. 5'5. OK fitness, but need to improve.

I like to play any position, but my best positions are central midfield and defender.

Dido 2016-05-03

I'm a football player for 16 years , I played in North Africa and Canada before I'm a composer of my team I used to play in the middle more on the attacking side I can show on game more than I talk here , I'm ready , just looking for good team asap... Thanks

Douglas Au Free Agents 2016-05-03

Package Deal: Axel White (28), Ronnie Chow (28) & Douglas Au (25)

Come as a trio. Can improve any team that enjoys playing football. Happy to come to training sessions to feel things out. Prefer lower leagues, as we are looking for fun and fitness.

Axel White - Forward: University-level football in Australia
Ronnie Chow - Centre Midfield: HK-U19 1st Team, HKFC Lucky Mile
Douglas Au - Defence: HKFC U15-U19, University Futsal Team

Please do reach out to us,

Aayush Rai 2016-05-02

Student here in HK. Looking to join a team for regular football games. 26yr old guy

Hassan 2016-04-21

I love playing football, Im 18 and I am looking for playing in a team. Im very hard working. Contact me for further details.

Lawrie Any 2016-04-16

Looking for somewhere I can get a regular game of football, either casual or competitive. Can play forward or midfield. 28 years old, 6'0". Prefer Kowloon side. Haven't played competitive football for a while so lower division would be best.

Whatsapp: 9266 0130

Edward Zhang 2016-04-15

I really like football, so I really want to have a chance to play in a team or club, even though I'm only 10.
Thank you!!!!!

Jared 2016-04-12

I'm only 10, I really want to have a chance to play football somewhere,in a youth club or something.

Mathew Burton 2016-04-08

43 years old and new to HK. Have played football all my years and am looking for a casual but competitive team/club with good social scene. Probably suit veterans or over 35's.
Living on Kowloon side.

Paul Kohli 2016-03-21

Versatile Player, can play multiple positions, center forward/central midfielder/defensive midfield/center back. (Center Forward/Midfield most natural position)

Would prefer to play in Division 1, with competitive team with the right mindset,want to challenge the title.



Gursewak Singh 2016-03-18

Age 15
Date of Birth 19/07/2000
I want to join a football team outside!! In hk

Poncin Frédéric 2016-03-14

My name is Poncin frédéric I am a 24 years old student arriving in Hong kong the 1st of april and I am looking for a football team. I am the captain of my university team in Lyon with who I won the championship in 2014, last years I played for the Shanghai Shooters in China with who I won the Shanghai International Football cup. I am played defender but the last 2 years I played in the midfield zone as well.
feel free to contact me if you are looking for a new motivated player even if it is just for the training.

Best regards,

Poncin Frédéric

Fuzail 2016-03-06

Decent intermediate defensive midfielder, can play offense as well.... Currently working on Hong Kong...

Available after 5.30 pm weekday/saturday and available on Sundays..

Jason Ballard Any 2016-03-03

New to HK, mainly striker but fine in midfield as well. 34 yrs old, played rec leagues for many years, looking to get some exercise and have fun. Not sure how competitive the leagues are but probably DIv 3 would be a good start. Please email, thanks!

Phil Murton MOBSTERS 2016-02-29

HKDC Mobsters of Division 1 are looking for some players to strengthen our squad in the run in. Have been hit with a number of first team players relocating from HK so we need to stregthen. If anyone is interested please email me. Cheers

Victor 2016-02-27

Hey There! I am looking for a team in Hong Kong with nice people and a good level to enjoy this sport. I am 28 years old and have been playing in Spain since I was a child. Can play in different positions depending on what the team needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks in advance!

Simon Wong Any 2016-02-26


I'm looking for a team to join (preferably on HK island side - I live in Causeway Bay)...24 years old from Australia, left footed, play LB, LW/RW, CM. It's been a couple of years since I last played and I think a team in Division 3 would suit me.



Vincent Emond 2016-02-24


I'm from Canada and I'm looking to join a team. I'm a beginner-intermediate level. I'm midfielder but I can do defense as well.

Don't hesitate to reach me!


Leo Any 2016-02-21


I'm looking for a team (preferably in HK Island)...Being in HK for 6 years...I am a goalkeeper (have been in the position for ten years) but have not played so frequent for some time... Please get in touch with me via email Thanks!

Christoph 2016-02-21

Looking for a team. I am 29, central midfielder. Played in switzerland till now.

Modou Any Badjiemodou3@gmail 2016-02-15

Hi I'm looking for a team to play, I'm a midfielder I use both legs ..I was playing in Gambia second division league, my age is 26
This is my number 95414056

Stuart (Stu) 2016-01-29

Looking for a team to play. Probably division 3 & 4. Like the social side and can commit to training.

William H 2016-01-27

looking to join a soccer team. play for my regional team back in canada. strong solid left foot defender

Henry Kirby 2016-01-27

Just moved to Hong Kong. Small, quick winger with good feet. Used to play right back so am also good at defending.

Ali 2016-01-26

Hi, I am looking for a team which I can play on sundays, I am currently playing in legal leauge but most of games are in saturday and I ll start to work saturdays too so I need a sunday league, for more info contact me, thanks

Roberto Paracciani N/A 2016-01-19

I am looking for a team to play with. I have had substantial football experience in Italy-

Waheed Mahmood 2016-01-19


31 yrs old. Comfortable in any MF position. Been playing in HK for 15 yrs. Mostly hard pitches but have experience on turf and natural grass. Very fast, good touch and vision. Team player.

Davyd Paskell 2016-01-14

my name is Davyd Paskell.. I will arrvive in hong kong on January 17th 2016..i am looking for a competitive team to train with..i am 20 years of age..please message me on facebook..Davyd Paskell

Ben Jennings 2016-01-11


I have just arrived from the UK and I'm looking for a team to play for, I used to play for derby county football academy in England playing against Manchester United academy and Liverpool academy, I am 6'5 and can play centre midfield or striker, get In touch on my email


Ben Jennings

Ken Lau 2016-01-10

Hey guys, I would like to join a team to train and play. Its totally fine if i dont get to start up, I just want to train and meet some decent players!

Been playing for society team back in Manchester Uni, and still playing for 7 and 11-aside leagues in HK. I am a 6 foot 2 center back person, who also can play full back! Cheers~

Maxime Doneux 2016-01-08

Use to play for Anderlecht youth academy football club. Sign me up, or you'll regret it if I go to a different team.

Joseph Darton Any 2016-01-08

Hey guys. Looking to join a team. I played in the u16 henderson league last season scoring 47 goals in 28 games. Currently playing u18 henderson league with 22 goals, 13 assists in 16 games so far. I'm a little guy, but can play RB, CM, RW. I do the job. Every single time. Mans just looking to tear the league apart. Please get back to me as I'm signing a pro contract next season with Leicester City and I will be taking an apprenticeship with them. I could bring the spark to the team.

P.S I'm a little guy, but strong and fast. Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Allen 2016-01-01

Just arrived.

Played semi-professionally in Australia. Looking for a team that is based near/in Wan Chai.

Can play any position, but prefer to play up front or in midfield.

Sevket Halil 2015-12-28

Hi, just moved to hk from London, I'm a striker with pace who can play wide and am looking for a fairly competitive team to play for, I'm a team player and enjoy the social side of it too. Haven't played competitively for a good 7/8 months, played for a few pro teams as a kid from 6-17 then just semi pro for a few years. Please message me if you need a player, thanks

Kelvin Any 2015-12-20

I am looking for a team to join, have played in the Hong Kong third division before. I can play wing and forward.


Petter Wetterling Looking for one 2015-12-20


Im a 27 year old swedish guy.

Recently moved here from Sweden. Will stay until April at least. I have played football since I was 7 years old and had to quit due to work and studies at around 23. But since then I have played alot with my friends. The highest level I played as a senior was in the Swedish Division 3.

Im currently looking for a team who wants new players! I live in Yau Ma Tei and have seen that there are some games close to here on sunday evenings.

Let me know if there is a spot anywhere!


danman 2015-12-17

Mans just looking to shut this league down, looking for the top teams. Used to play for Scunthorpe u10s am 20 years old. I aspire to be like the yau Yee prodigy Alex is Sanchez Jojo and Blakey. Sign me up quick.

What's app is 9824 2555

Danny Lee 2015-12-17

Hi, 16 year old just moved from uk. Used to play for the millwall youth academy as a right back or right winger. Pretty quick with good vision. Looking to join a team to play for on weekends.

Tobias Henriksson 2015-12-17


Im 25 years old and just moved to HK! Im looking for a team to play with. I have played since i was 12 and my favorite postition is central midfield! I want to be creative on the pitch and have good vision and skill.


Khan Shahwaiz Any 2015-12-10

Hey! I'm 15 years old and I want to join a football club(preferably Hk island). Email me!

Eddy 2015-12-08

Hi, I'm looking to join a team, can play RM, LM or Forward, quick pace, good on the ball and creative. Aged 29.

Armando FLORES An available latino player 2015-12-07


I am a Mexican guy, 24 years, and I am looking forward to playing in a competitive league.

I am pretty fast and a great side defender or wing. I have played all my life in Mexico and a semester in Paris while being on exchange in the university team.

Just email me. I am very committed.


Kev Johnno Liverpool 2015-12-06

Hi there,

I am looking to sign for a Sunday league team and I have over 10 years experience of playing football at amatuer level. I can play in attack midfield and Striker.

Look forward to any trials.


Azim Mithani 2015-11-29

Hi. I've recently moved to HK and am looking to play Amateur / Sunday league football. Defence or defensive midfielder. Aged 45. Azim

Adam 2015-11-25

Play either right or left back - recently moved to Hong Kong from the UK. Keen to continue playing football

B 2015-11-23

18 yo. Can play anywhere in attack, but prefer AM. Played in D1 school and district team before.

shahzad eastern 2015-11-23

i want to join eastern team
i m delia hw school team member

Vikas Shetty 2015-11-18

Hi Guys,

Just moved from India to HK. Would like to train and play with a team. I play Goalkeeper. Yes I said Goalkeeper !! Have been playing for the last 15 years. Not so frequently in the last 2 years. Have played in the Philippines in the recent past as well. Let me know if you have a spot for me. My number is 51085300.


Chris M 2015-11-18

Looking to Join a team in Division 2 or 3, Play in Defense and currently getting fitness up to speed. Posted here a Few months ago but had to travel a lot so couldn't commit, have more time now to join a team if there are any teams needing extra players. From UK and aged 22.

Mo D 2015-11-16

Hi, 27 from UK. Just moved to HK too. Love playing football but fitness has slipped for way too long. Need to change that and want to get better. Played midfield/wing/upf for university and college. Looking for good people good fun!

Charles DC 2015-11-15

24 years old from London. Just moved to HK. Played midfield in high school and club at university. Looking for a team that plays on weekends!

Kevin 2015-11-09

Recently moved to HK and looking for a social team. Not a great player but need to get some exercise and just meet some good people. Will play any position. I'm 38

Alex Davies - 2015-11-08

Defender (anywhere across back 4, but prefer CB / RB) wanting to get back into playing 11 a side after moving to HK from UK.
I live on the island but willing to travel pretty much anywhere. Would prefer a team that trains at least once a week.

Romain 2015-11-07

Hi, i am looking for a team to join. I played for 15 years but quit because of studies but ready to play again!
Right foot, i played mostly on wings defense or offese but I can play anywhere on the field except goalkeeper.

Thanks guys! See you

Stephen Wong 2015-11-01

Searching for a team to train with and possibly play games (if needed). 22 years old, played competitively from the ages of 10-16, then played intramurals in college for 3 years. Preferred positions are center-forward, right wing or right back.

A little bit rusty but a hard worker on and off the pitch



Gustavo 2015-10-31

Hi guys! Just moved to HK last week and looking football teams to join!

I´ve been playing football since I was 8. Right foot, offensive midfielder.


Stu 2015-10-25

Hi all,

Not briliant but not awful player! Looking for a team to play regularly with.

Please let me know if interested!


John 2015-10-20

FOOTBALL STUD seeking new team. Ambidextrous with regards to left and right feet. Can play all roles except keeper. Skilled player and have been playing competitively my whole life (23 years old).

diago.sirenio chelsea 2015-10-17

I need team to join

Ben Olushola 2015-10-14

I'm moving to HK mid-November, looking for a team. I currently play for a team in the Amateur Football Combination Premier Division in London, England (as well as the League Representative Team).

I've played to semi pro/top amateur level in England for the last 8 years, so looking for a club that can offer a similar standard.

I'll be playing for my current team until I leave London, so will arrive in HK fully fit and 7/8 competitive games into the season.

I'm a right-footed attacking midfielder.


Wayne NG 2015-10-14

Hi. Committed player looking to play regularly. Can play across the Defence, or on the Wing. Happy to come by for a training or trial if you'd have me. Whatsapp +8*5*2*6*5*0*6*9*9*9*0

Lam 2015-10-14

Looking for a team to train and play, hopefully in HK island / kowloon, 35 years old, can play defends and forward, but hv been out of soccer for few years, can contact me via email - or whatsapp 9273 3222, thanks

Steve Bell 2015-10-07

Looking for a team... Left footed, 6 foot 4, can play anywhere across midfield or up front. Played to a decent amateur standard in England, Dubai, Azerbaijan and Macau.



Tom 2015-09-24

Hi my names Tom, iv been out of football for a few years competitively but still played socially, so I'm a bit rusty. Just moved to Hong Kong, looking for a team to train and play with. I'm 24, 5'10 , attacking midfield.

Eash Spartans 2015-09-21

Spartans are STILL recruiting players for this season. We are looking for players in all positions. We train on Wednesday and play on Sunday.
If you are looking for a team to play with this year contact me on the email above, thanks.

Alan 2015-09-20

I'm alan. I'm from Mali and looking the new team on Yau Yee league and new challenge. Can contact me on WhatsApp

Phil Murton MOBSTERS 2015-09-16

The Mobsters in Division 1 are looking to recruit new players for this season. Regular training sessions held on Thursday evenings at Kings Park and beers after the game on Sunday. Known to be one of the best social clubs in Hong Kong! New joiners welcome. Drop me an email on

Mark Taylor Corinthians 2015-09-14

anyone looking to play at a decent standard (Div 1) and enjoy a well earned beer or two afterwards, give me a shout. Need players in every position.

Chris Macaulay 2015-09-13

Been living in Shenzhen for two years and played for World United, Originally from Scotland where I played for my County at Amateur level since I was 14.

I can play anywhere, although prefer Defence. Looking to be apart of a team asap as I have now moved to Hong Kong.

Aged 22 and 185cm tall, British.

Tiago Silva 2015-09-09

I everyone, i just arrived in HK and I will be living here for 2years.
I used to play Football in Portugal but stopped for some years. Wanna have fun and meet some good people. I can play defender or midfielder. E-mail me if i can join your team!

Dan 2015-09-08

26 year old Australian on 1 year working holiday visa.
Looking for competitive team and to meet people.
Played for Melbourne University back home and also played state level futsal/indoor.
Email me so I can come for a kick!

Mathew 2015-09-04

20 y/o Goalkeeper looking for a team. Currently training with a team in HK 2nd tier but looking for a team to play matches.

Romain 2015-09-02

French Goalkeeper, 31 years old. looking for competitive football in HK.
exp: youth top leagues, university top league.
available now.
pls whattsapp 6573-1356

USRC Football Section USRC 2015-08-28

USRC - one of the most successful football teams in HK - is looking for players to join one of our 3 teams (YYL 1st division, LL 1st and 2nd divisions).

Send us an email if you would like to show up for trials. Let us know your age, position and football experience.

Yas Makita 2015-08-27

Dear teams

Recently moved to Hong Kong and looking for a team to play constantly.

I`m Japanese, played in goal over 15 years in Japan (Tokyo Metropolice League. Div.1 & 3) and Italy (University football team)
Im not tall as a goalkeeper but my reflection is relatively fast.

Pls contact me if interested. My mobile number is 9260 5110


J.Pilloni 2015-08-26


I'm from Italy and I've been living in HK for 1 year.

I used to play in amateur leagues in Italy.

I'm 29yo and I play midfield.

I'd like to find a team to train and play.

If interested, call or whatsapp me 51346339


F.silva 2015-08-26

Play in semi professional and amateur leagues in Portugal , and 1 division of Macau , now With extra pounds but try find team to play and special training.

I'm 37 years old .

V. Haghzare Unattached 2015-08-23

Dear teams

I have just moved to HK and looking to join a team.

I am British, from London and used to train semi pro 6 years ago. Have worked in China for the last 5 years.

29 years old. Play in defence or midfield.

Hope to be snapped up soon!

6807 5550


Sahil Arora 2015-08-18

Hi, looking for an 11 aside football team. 24 years old, pretty quick to get in shape (once I start training regularly). Play football all the time socially but looking to get a bit more serious about it, find a competitive team and league, and train regularly. I'd be looking to play up front / left or right wings or left / right midfield.

I have pretty flexible working hours so I can generally commit to trainings, games, etc.

Phone number is 60835054.



Barry byrne 2015-08-17

Just moved to HK and looking to join a team. can play across the midfield or full back.

Louis GSE 2015-08-14

Goalkeeper urgently needed for 7-a-side league. First game will be played on Sunday 16th August, 9:30pm.

If interested, please call or whatsapp me 63382012


Byoung Azzurri 2015-08-14

KEEPER needed.

We are looking for a Keeper for the upcoming season.
It's a young and dynamic team with a great atmosphere while staying competitive.



Macca Spartans 2015-08-12

Spartans FC are looking for new players for this current season. We play in Division 1 but we have teams for all levels of football. We are a serious but social team looking to recruit some new talent this season. We train Wednesday night and play on Sundays. Email me for more details. Thanks.

Ramon Peter none 2015-08-09

Hi, I am looking for a team to train with. I am 43 years old but have played soccer until about 2 years ago. Looking to get into shape and train with a team.

I am very out of shape but if a team has an open spot for someone to join in on training sessions, I would be delighted to participate. Not looking to play for the team just to be part of the training.

If any teams have a diverse constituency, and could add a player to join them for training please contact me.

Kind Regards,


Shyam N KCC Dragons and KCC Knights 2015-08-07

The KCC Football Section would like to recruit players for the upcoming new season. We have a few league teams at the club of which two are in the YYL. Please email if you're interested with your age, contact number and brief playing history and we will revert back with tryout details. We currently have an excellent very affordable opportunity for joining the club for sports members especially in the new Junior scheme for players in the 16 to 27 year old age bracket.

Kurt Lettani French Kiss - Division 2 fc, 2015-08-07

Ambitious division 2 team French Kiss is looking for skilled players (especially strikers ... But who is not?) to join a fun, competitive social team with over 10 nationalities. We have to offer a weekly training session on Tuesday night (9.00 - 10.30 pm) at King's Park under the leadership of an ex pro coach, fair game time for all, great atmosphere and a super vibe on and off the pitch.

E mail for a try out . Pls let us know your position and experience. Whatsapp 9453 0777 or 9429 2351

Cu soon on the pitch and elsewhere ... As LKF/Wan Chai! :-)



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